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Why You Don't Need to Stress about Finding Your Calling
by Wendy van Eyck

Do you ever wonder if you have missed out on God’s calling for your life? I used to really stress about this. In fact, I tried all kinds of things in an attempt to make sure that I did not miss out on God’s plan. I prayed, I fasted, I spoke to friends, I went to counseling and I tried anything I thought God might want me to do. 

Due to this desire to make sure I did not miss my calling, I worked as a jewelry designer, a bookkeeper, a paramedic, an outdoor education instructor, a pregnancy crisis counselor and a television producer. I accepted jobs with non-profits and churches and in places where “Jesus Christ” is only spoken like a swear word so my job could be my mission. And the above list does not even begin to touch on all the vocational and personality tests I have taken and the self-help books I have read. All of this in a desperate attempt not to miss out on anything God has for me.

While I’ve spent my time and energy trying...