22 Powerful New Teachings on Spiritual Growth by Samantha Villenave

Excuses. Fear. Lack of self-confidence. Past hurt. There are so many reasons why we may be tempted to resist the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God is not inhibited by our weaknesses, but if we do not allow Him to change us, or we choose to remain the same because we either do not want to grow or do not believe that we can, we render His power void.

The greatest enemy to the work of the Holy Spirit in your life is not believing that He can and will do everything that you need, so that you may be a whole and holy servant of the Most High.

God is not interested in our excuses, but He is interested in our hearts. His Word gives us life. His Word restores us. His word will take every weakness and turn it into supernatural strength. He is able to defeat every obstacle that has held you back in the past, and bring you to a new place of trusting and knowing Him.

We have just received "20 Lessons Learned", a wonderful series from our newest author, Debbie Stuart. If you are tired of being held back in your walk with the Lord, get this study now! Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and the loving conviction of the Father will drive head-first into belief that He is able to change you and help you walk out a victorious path, regardless of your circumstances. If women in your small group or Bible study are struggling with the need versus the inability to change, make this study part of your planned curriculum. If you believe that He is willing and able, and remain steadfast in your trust and openness to the Holy Spirit, you will see that no inner-transformation is impossible with our God.


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