Allow God to Set Your Agenda by Samantha Villenave

You were given life for a purpose. God created you with a plan in mind. His plan is for your good, to prosper you, and not to harm you. His plan is for you to walk in the fullness of His Spirit, and bring light to all those who encounter you.

How easy it is to say, but it is only in fully trusting and relentlessly yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit that we are able to even begin to enter into this will that He has for us. So many people start with intentions of giving it all to God. Yet when the going gets tough, it takes full trust in His love to not run the other way and close ourselves off to the miracle that He is preparing.

"Trusting God's Call" by Jill Briscoe is our featured teaching this week. She teaches us that there is no worldly entanglement that His Holy Spirit cannot undo in order to open once again the path that He has for us.

Read this teaching and meditate on His love and plans for you. Allow yourself to examine your heart before His holy light. You will see that He is faithful even when every circumstance may have you believing otherwise. It is never too late to trust Him. It is never too late to walk into your true calling: the one that He destined for you before the foundations of this world were laid!


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