Faith is Knowing that We are Loved by Samantha Villenave

God's Word tells us that while we as humans may only see the outward appearances of one another, God looks at us from the inside out. Our hearts are an open book to Him, and He knows us fully.

A key to faith is knowing that we are known by Him, that we are seen by Him, as we truly are, and that He is able to look beyond our actions straight into our true needs and motivations. Only God can truly understand each of us, and when we know how truly and deeply He understands us, we are able to rest assured that He will meet our needs.

This is a process that continues throughout the entirety of our walk with Him, but faith and worship truly go hand in hand. This week we are going one step deeper into that walk with this beautiful teaching by Stasi Elderedge. "Becoming a Woman of Faith and Worship" is a wonderful teaching that can be applied to the journey of any woman. Use this for your ministry time as a teaching resource and watch as God takes you and your women's group even deeper into the authenticity of a faith walk filled with adoration and love!

Hebrews 11:1 tells us "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."

It is an incredible thing to imagine that faith is actually the proof that the thing that does not appear to be happening is actually happening. But that is how things work with God! Your outer world may seem to be falling apart, and loved ones will baffle at your lack of reactivity, but God wants you to stand and know that He has everything under control. It isn't denial. It is faith. We know this because as we draw close to Him in prayer, worship and quiet contemplation He fills our souls with His peace. 

Faith goes against the grain and it holds you in His peace. You won't find it when you seek the opinions of the crowd, but when you find it in Him, it will become yours to share with others. 

We have faith in Him because we know that we are truly loved. If He has taken the care to count the hairs on our heads, how much more so will He abide in every decision, every need and every cry that goes out to Him from our hearts. He is only waiting for us to be still in Him, trust and believe!


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