How to Overcome Unimaginable Loss by Samantha Villenave

Losing a dear one is one of the most difficult experiences of the human existence. The closer the loved one is to us, the deeper the pain becomes. In a moment, our world can be shattered. How do I go on without my friend, husband, mother, father, son, daughter... or the child that was to be?

There are certainly no easy answers and the process of living after a death so near can be an overwhelming task. How can I laugh again? How dare I move forward when the one I love is gone? Why have my friends abandoned me to live out this pain alone? How can I find the desire and will to continue? We must continue, and we must trust that God, who understands the acuity of our every suffering and pain, is able to bear our burden and comfort us in our time of need. He will ensure that you make it though, although it is unlikely that you will make it though the same.

Miriam Neff just sent us a beautiful, powerful study on continuing after the departure of a loved one. "Life After Loss, Sorting Through the Pain: 5 Important Questions" pulls from her experience as a widow, and draws deeply from the wealth of wisdom that she pours out to widows in the ministry that the Lord gave to her through this suffering. If you have experienced loss and are seeking healing from the Lord, or even the will to go on, this teaching will be a welcome support in your time of need. If you are ministering to women in need of such support, use this study for your small group or even to understand those women who you are ministering to. Don't shy away from the deep and beautiful works of healing that the Holy Spirit wants to do. Let the Lord turn your pain into a river of healing and life for yourself and those around you.


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