Love is the Key to the Father's Heart...and Yours! by Samantha Villenave

In all that we do, give and sacrifice to the Lord, His Word makes it abundantly clear that if we have not love, we are nothing. Love is the core of the gospel. Love is the key to the heart of the Father. We love because He first loved us, and by His love we are set free from every fear, sin and obstacle that would otherwise prevent us from growing in faith and becoming the women that God intended for us to be from the moment He created us.

Love is essential to every aspect of our Christian life. If we are to be whole, we must pour love out. If we are to feel His Presence, we must love to seek Him. If we desire to heal and comfort others that are lost and wounded, we must use love as our compass.

Love is not only for you to give, it is also for you to receive. Many women have an easier time doing and giving than being and receiving. Let us take some time now and delve into a beautiful study by Shanna Gregor that will open the hearts of the women that you are ministering to. "What Can Love Do For You?" is a beautiful 3 part series that will encourage you to take a deep look inside and open up to the love of the Father in a whole new way.


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