The Faith of a Quiet Heart by Samantha Villenave

Faith is a gift from God to us that is cultivated through a life that yields into His purpose and plan. When we fix our eyes on the unseen, we grow in peace and are able to step out into deeper and deeper waters of trusting God. With each step He will grow our faith in order to strengthen the love and trust that we have in Him. And through His own faithfulness to our faith-filled response, we are encouraged, transformed and grow to be more like Christ in our nature through this walk of obedience.

One of the most difficult challenges for many Christian women that I know is to let go and trust that God is working through every circumstance, past and present, to bring our hearts and lives into alignment with His perfect, loving plan. We may become focused on our own hurt and respond to disappointment by becoming jaded and bitter. When we do this, we actually build a wall that makes it harder for us to receive that childlike faith from God again.

Shanna Gregor sent us this wonderful teaching, "5 Ways to Step into God's Rest". In it she explores Psalm 100, and how our faith in God may be manifested through just opening and yielding to the current situations in our life that He is working though.

He is in control. We are in His hands. He loves us more than we could ever even love ourselves, and His plan is beautiful. He wants to take us into a deeper place of believing that in the deepest part of our hearts.

Join me in this prayer today,

"Father, I thank you for your love. I thank You for the life that You have given to me. I return that life to You, and I trust You. I trust Your plan. I will open my heart to resting in the knowledge that You love me, Your plan for me is already at work, and that Your plan is good. I surrender to you all of my fears and hurts. I give you control. In Jesus' name, Amen."

He's got this!



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