The Life You Are Dreaming Of by Samantha Villenave

Rarely does a life cast a perfect reflection of the plans and dreams that were forecast years before. While we may work hard to achieve certain goals, we all make mistakes, and none of us are immune to setbacks and tragedy that can come in so many forms. Sometimes, we can spend years peddling in a direction only to look back over a long period of time where everything seems to add up as only failure and loss.

These seasons can cause us to live in regret. While facing our mistakes, or the times we have been let down, is important, we cannot remain in that place forever. We must turn to our God in trust, and know that His perfect will is for our good, and that He is working in every circumstance to fulfill His promises to us.

This week, we will be taking a long look into the subject of regrets, with the teaching, "Redemption and Love" by Deb Waterbury. We will discuss the story of Ruth, and the terrible, painful circumstances of her life before she met Boaz, who was to marry and redeem her from a widow's life of poverty and aloneness. Use it for your teaching time or personal devotion and allow the Lord to speak to the barren places of your own personal regret. His Holy Spirit will touch them and bring life into the areas of your own life where you may have lost hope. He is mighty, willing, and able to do so!


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