What is Holding Your Back by Samantha Villenave

What is holding you back? Are you struggling to overcome obstacles in your life and even within your own heart, that you cannot conquer without the power of the Holy Spirit? Are you ministering to women who are bound and downtrodden by the same issues that they faced months and even years ago?

Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost. He sacrificed Himself to redeem every part of us: every nook and cranny, to the core of our being. 

As we draw towards Easter and meditate upon His great and generous redeeming sacrifice, let us renew our faith that He is able and willing to change every part of our hearts, and those who we are ministering to. 

We have a wonderful new series on the site by our newest contributor, Christina Patterson, "Believing Better: Overcoming the Lies that Prevent us From Living Free in Christ." It offers a fresh look at the renewal that the Holy Spirit can bring into our lives, empowering us to surmount every obstacle, sin, failure, fear and inhibition that is holding us back from walking free and tall in His victorious purpose for our lives.


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