Who Does He Say that You Are? by Samantha Villenave

When we are reborn into the Christian life, we are called to walk this earth as Jesus did, with divine purpose. Whether you have been a believer from an early age, or converted to the Christian faith many years later, the Father created you with a purpose and destiny in mind.

Ministry is not something that you have to wait for; it is a daily walk that bears fruit, holding immeasurable value in the eyes of God. You were born to minister, and you are equipped & taught by the Holy Spirit. The same holds true for the women that you lead.

Why not continue this new year by exploring the topic of Ministry and what it means to be a part of the body of Christ? Jennifer Waddle has a wonderful teaching, "Finding Your Team," where she details practical steps one can take in order to become more involved in their local church. Many women are sitting on the sidelines because they just don't know where to start or who to ask. Speak into this! Use this teaching as a support in your preparation on ministry, community, and service unto the Lord. Together, we are stronger and more effective for the gospel. "Finding Your Team" is a process that will open doors for you, as you allow God to use you as a part of His holy, precious body.


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