Series: Much More! by Carol McLeod

When Jesus came to live among us, He brought the blessing of heaven’s “much more” to you! He has much more joy for you … much more life for you … and much more destiny for you than you could ever begin to imagine! This is a 3-teaching Bible Study that will introduce you to the blessing of the Much More.

This Bible-rich teaching searches Scripture to discover exactly what the blessing of the “much more” is and how it can be applied to your life today.

If you are living a life rife with emotional pain, discouragement and purposelessness, this teaching will introduce to you the promise of God’s “much more”!

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Bible Study TitleAuthor
  • Much More! (Part 3)Carol McLeod
  • Much More! (Part 2)Carol McLeod
  • Much More! (Part 1)Carol McLeod


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