Series: Journey to the Well of Life by Sheila Wise Rowe

Adapted from the book, The Well of Life — Heal Your Pain, Satisfy Your Thirst, Live Your Purpose by Sheila Wise Rowe, M.Ed. Author and Executive Director of The Rehoboth House

Jesus says; “Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever. (John 4:14, New Life Version) 

For over twenty-four years I have been involved in emotional healing ministry. It all started with my own healing journey. I came to a place in my life where I realized that I had a deep thirst that was not being met by my vain pursuits. When I finally came to the end of myself, my healing began. I surrendered my past and present to God and little by little I was revived as I drank water from the Well of Life, which is Christ. I am passionate about the Lord and blessed to have the support of my husband and two college age kids as I fulfil my calling in Christ. In my spare time I love making art, crafts and thrift shopping.  But mostly, I walk with people in the USA and internationally as they have embark on a journey toward healing.  I praise God for the many lives, churches and organizations that have been transformed through the Christian counseling, teaching, writing, conferences and retreats offered through the ministry of The Rehoboth House. Out of my ministry experience grew a call from the Lord to co-author a book with my husband:The Well of Life — Heal Your Pain, Satisfy Your Thirst, Live Your Purpose. I’ve adapted a few chapters from the book and have included the content in this Bible study. 

You may be at a crossroad, and now Jesus is extending an invitation for you to take a journey with Him through these six lessons. In this series, you will find teaching to help you in your quest for greater freedom from Shame, Temptation, Addiction, and Unforgiveness. Whether read alone, shared one-to-one or explored in a small group my prayer is that this series will help you understand why you struggle to receive what Jesus so freely gives. The story of your life is the story of your journey to become more and more like Him and His transforming hand on you even as you face temptations and trials along the way. This series will help you to collaborate more deeply with God on that journey. 

Throughout this series I share scripture, practical steps and stories of not only my own pilgrimage but also those of others who have taken the journey to The Well of Life.

I pray that as you read each lesson the Lord will reveal and heal the thirsts and dysfunctions which prevent you from walking more fully in His purpose and plan for your life and relationships. It’s important that you pray for the Holy Spirit to bring revelation and healing before you read each teaching and before answering the journal questions and exercises at the end of the lesson. You should also set aside time and space to get quiet, pray and reflect on what the Lord has done, is doing and will do in your life. Pray through each prayer at the end of the teachings and put into practice the practical steps that the Lord highlights for you.As you commit to this journey towards freedom from shame, temptation, addiction and unforgiveness, my final prayer is that you may have profound encounters with Jesus, having faith in Him and through those encounters, your life will be forever changed and so will your family and community.


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  • The InvitationSheila Wise Rowe
  • The Well of ShameSheila Wise Rowe
  • The Well of TemptationSheila Wise Rowe
  • The Well of AddictionSheila Wise Rowe
  • The Well of UnforgivenessSheila Wise Rowe
  • The Well of LifeSheila Wise Rowe


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