Women's Bible Study Ideas on Freedom in Christ

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Freedom in Christ Teaching Notes

Already Free (Part 1) by Christina Patterson
Have you ever felt trapped or stuck in life? Have you ever felt held back and restrained from experiencing the freedom in Christ we read about in the Bible? If you have, I completely understand. And I want to encourage you to know this: the freedom to love, and hope, and dream, and have joy, and peace, and satisfaction is not a fairy tale. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can experience true freedom...

Stumbling into Freedom by Stasi Eldredge
Many years ago on a family vacation, my youngest son and I participated in a Dolphin Quest adventure. We were in a large tank with a few dolphins, and at the appointed time we had our picture taken next to the amazing mammal. We were even able to briefly touch its smooth, rubbery skin. It was fabulous. Dolphins make me happy. When you see them zipping through the water, they look utterly delighted, as if they are the keepers of a joyous secret they would be only too happy to share. This year, I received the gift of swimming in the ocean while surrounded by a pod...

How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Jamie Rohrbaugh
Do you love Jesus ever so desperately, but you sense that He must have more for you? Do you feel dry inside, and feel like you need to be anointed with fresh oil from Heaven? Do you read the stories about how God moved in power in the book of Acts, and long for Him to do those things in your life too?

Do you lack real POWER in your life?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Full Life in Empty Places by Debbie Stuart
Grab your Bible, and turn to 2 Kings 4. Lord, I pray today we would realize and rejoice that You make life full even when it “seems” empty. My life has always gone according to plan … just not my plan. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, the scriptures tell the story of a woman (her name is not mentioned) who is a widow. Let’s glean what the Lord has left for us...

Be Strong and Courageous by Courtnaye Richard
Have you ever had a time in your life, when you felt so afraid that you screamed inside of yourself, ''I'm too afraid!'' Are you there now? God knows that there will be times when you will feel afraid to move forward or do something that is totally out of your comfort zone. He knows that sometimes fear will try to paralyze you from...

Freedom In Christ by Renee Fisher
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). It’s amazing the kind of freedom we have in Jesus. He doesn’t interfere with our decisions. We have free will to choose him or not. On June 24, 1987, I got down on my little knees and asked Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior. At that moment I felt free, changed even...

The Well of Addiction by Sheila Wise Rowe
My people have committed a compound sin: they’ve walked out on me, the fountain of fresh flowing waters, and then dug cisterns—cisterns that leak, cisterns that are no better than sieves (Jeremiah 2:13, The Message Bible). The water from The Well of Addiction has the same taste as the fruit Adam and Eve tasted when they decided to believe the serpent’s lie that if they ate of the tree, they would become like God, knowing good and evil. It was the taste of mistrust that came from the belief that somehow God was holding out on them and was not concerned for their good. If He was not out for their good, then He could not be trusted to do what was right by them. So they decided to take care of themselves and paid the price which we have inherited to this day...

My Driver, My King Teaching Guide by Deb Waterbury
It seems to me that lots of people on this planet have a problem with Jesus Christ. Some doubt His supremacy; others doubt his sufficiency. Those who doubt His supremacy are normally non-Christians. They may be atheistic, they may be religious, they may actually be members of another religion than Christianity, but they doubt what Paul claims here in Colossians about the supremacy of Christ. Some of them honor Christ as a great prophet or a great man or teacher, but they do not believe that He is Lord over the universe, Lord over all that Paul is going to argue in today’s passage...

Is This All There Is by Jennifer Waddle
I’m ashamed by some of the ungrateful thoughts I’ve had. I’ve been really ungrateful at times. But as I take a look around, right now as I type this, I see my cold glass of iced tea, my Bible,and an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains right outside my window. I am blessed. So why do I feel such a heavy cloud of dissatisfaction at times? A dissatisfaction that whispers, ‘‘Is this all there is?’’ Can anyone relate?

No Short Cuts in Preparation by Paulette Phillips
When Alexander the Great entered Susa (probably 100 years after Esther’s time), he was stunned by the wealth. He saw over 1200 tons of gold and silver bullion amassed along with 270 tons of minted gold coins! No doubt what Alexander saw was only a fraction of the wealth of Ahasuerus’ kingdom. It was into this grand and spectacular setting that Esther would emerge. Young Esther must have been overwhelmed and intimidated by the splendor of the palace and the glory surrounding the King of Persia...

The Call to Action by Nicole Unice
While I prepared this study, my brother was finishing his tour of duty during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Although he returned home physically safe, the emotional and spiritual stress took a toll. He returned home physically unharmed, but many of the men he had grown to love over those many months in...

Fill-Up: Philippians (2 of 8) by Carol McLeod
Last week we started mining for gold in Philippians - we began the smorgasboard of filling-up on what Paul knew about a relationship with Jesus Christ - Learned 4 extraordinary lessons - 1 – Know who you are – identify yourself. 2 – God has given to you grace and peace. 3 – Know to whom you are assigned and pray for them with joy at all times! 4 – God finishes what He starts. Continue our journey into the heart and spirit of Paul while he was in a Roman prison

Me Macho by Devi Titus
He Says: You can nearly hear the grunts of Tarzan as he swings from tree limb to tree limb. Finally, he hits the ground with a thud and bellows out his famous yell. ''Ah-ee-ah-ee-ah-ee.'' Then he turns to Jane, pounding his chest, yelling, ''Me macho, me the leader.'' Then, of course, Jane, having read Ephesians 5:21, willingly submits to her spiritual stud with a dismissive, ''Of course, you are, honey. And I humbly submit to your spiritual authority.''

God’s 3D Glasses - Seeing Yourself through God’s Eyes by Shanna Gregor
In spite of my turbulent home life, I was a pretty confident child and teenager. I remained opinionated and outspoken. I didn’t know what I wanted out of life—but I did know what I didn’t want. I didn’t want relationships that caused me pain. I like to think I had a lot of friends growing up. For the most part I think I was well liked by my classmates and high school friends, but I had rules. Trust was a big factor in my relationships. People only got one chance with me—with a few exceptions...

Eight Principles of a Christ-Centered Marriage by Jill Briscoe
The greatest need of every person is to know how to give love and receive it. Just ask any psychologist. However, this relational art depends greatly on what you mean by the English word “love.” The Greek language has several words for love: eros, storge, philia, and agape. In much of the world, we worship eros—the sexual, sensual part of love. It’s the “feeling too big for words” part—the passionate, heady, romantic element. And so often, it’s how we determine if we’re satisfied with our marriage.

Taking Our Thoughts Captive by Christy Fay
I've been asked to talk about how we can overcome negative thoughts through the power of Christ. I was thrilled when April asked me to talk about this, because I need to know how I can do that. The forming of this talk was just as much for me as anyone else in this room I guarantee it. I want start with a few verses that are really going to drive our conversation...

Learning to Love Well - Message Kit by April Motl
I truly believe God does not expect us to display what we have not come to experience through Him. He does not expect us to love like Him until we've tasted His love for ourselves. So finding ways to reconnect and recenter our hearts in His love is crucial for us! It's also more than OK to come before our Father in heaven and ask Him to let us experience His love afresh so we might have it to pour out on others...

Soul Craving – Reconciliation by Lori Hatcher
Appetizer. Our fights usually begin small, like a leaky pipe in an upstairs bathroom. Unrepaired, they can cause our relationships to collapse like a waterlogged ceiling. Entrée. Whether we’re at odds with a spouse, a roommate, a parent, or another family member—fighting with someone we care about is a bad feeling. Nine times out of ten it begins with something small. The messy table in the break room, the un-returned borrowed shirt, the socks your husband leaves on the den floor. “The laundry room is right there. Couldn’t you just open the door and throw them in?”