Living With A Leader by Devi Titus

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Living With A Leader
Series: When Leaders Live Together
How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive In Marriage
Larry and Devi Titus

He Says:

In the Introduction of this book, I describe how my wife came out of the womb as a leader. Leading is as natural for her as breathing. She leads me, herself, her staff, people on a plane, anyone standing in line at a grocery checkout, the traffic, the police, the yard men, the construction crew, and, most of all, tens of thousands of women across the nation. And, I'm proud as punch of her. The greater her release and exposure, the happier I am.

I believe that God has also gifted and graced me with a few leadership skills, but nothing compared to those of my wife. I would feel totally intimidated if it weren't for two facts: Devi never displays a one-upmanship or superior attitude toward me, and she always supports my vision. I know that a secure leader would probably not need those qualities coming from his other half, but I need them.

Be Blessed To See Her Blessed

Two major factors help me respond accordingly to Devi's leadership and keep me from becoming negative or resentful:

1. Since I'm comfortable in who God made me to be, I'm not intimated. I love what God has called me to do. I'm happy as a clam to preach, teach, disciple men, and invest in global ministries and leaders. I get tired even thinking of doing what Devi does. She moves at a killer pace and I move at a snail's pace. She wants to have fun, fun, fun, while I can hardly wait to slip away and take a nap. She wants to sit on the front pew, even when visiting a strange church, and I want to sit under the pew. She loves the limelight, and I prefer lime-lite. Most of the time, she needs a tranquilizer and I need a shot of adrenaline.

2. I enjoy seeing her excel. I don't get envious or jealous when people ask her to speak at larger conferences than the ones where I speak. I'm proud to see her moving in her gifts.

Years ago, I had a pastor call me to see if Devi and I could come and speak at his church. When I responded that I was available, but Devi wasn't, he replied, ''That's okay; she was the one I really wanted.'' Thanks a lot, buddy. No Christmas card for you this year! Just kidding (sort of).

The truth is that I'm blessed to see her blessed. I take tremendous pride in her accomplishments. She fascinates me like she does others. I don't mind seeing her get all the attention. In fact, I'd rather the accolades go to her rather than to me.

You've heard many men introduce their wives using the hackneyed phrase, ''I'd like you to meet my better half.'' I introduce Devi by saying, ''I'd like you to meet my better three-quarters.'' Isn't that cute? I thought of it all by myself. No, the reason I say that is because I really believe it. She really does pull three-fourths of the leadership weight. That's not being condescending; ...

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