Scarf of Discontentment by Jennifer Waddle

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Scarf of Discontentment
Series: Scarves of White - Replacing Our Issues With The Covering Of Christ
Jennifer Waddle
Philippians 4:12

''…I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.''  Philippians 4:12

When I was a kid my parents were steeped in the 70s, along with disco lessons, bell-bottoms and even afros. One of the many songs they played on our record player or eight-track was the song, ''Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,'' by Crystal Gayle. The reason I remember the song so well is because Crystal Gayle had long, long, hair, almost to her ankles. Oh how I wanted hair like that! And when I think of the issue of discontentment, I think of that song.

Discontentment touches each of us at one time or another. We get restless, bored, and weary of the day-to-day. But when does discontentment become sin in our lives?

It becomes sin when we are never satisfied with what we've been given, and when we find it difficult to thank God for His abundant blessings. Ladies, discontentment can grow into a very ominous and dark cloud that not only makes us miserable, but also those around us.

Only a few years ago I found myself so discontent I didn't know what I wanted. I remember thinking, ''Is this all there is to life?'' And unfortunately it brought a lot of stress to my husband who was a wonderful provider. I wanted to move to another house, another state, another country. I wanted him to change jobs from a job he loved. I wanted to adopt. I wanted more vacations. I wanted…wanted…wanted.

But something very profound happened the summer my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Given only months to live, he took the whole Waddle clan on a trip to Cancun Mexico. There were thirteen of us and we had a special, yet bittersweet time together.

One evening, as everyone was playing with a giant chess set near one of the resort pools, I snuck away a few yards to the beach. The moon was shining bright over the water, and the waves were coming in. Stars were everywhere and I felt so small standing alone on that beach. As I found the Big Dipper, and then the Little Dipper, my eyes were drawn to a star formation I had never seen. It was the perfect formation of a cross. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.

But as I gazed at that cross in the sky, it was as if God was saying, ''I have given you everything, yet you appreciate nothing.''

I was cut to the heart and wept at my discontentment. I repented of my sinful ungratefulness, and from that moment on I was changed. In fact, I was ready to go home that night! I didn't need Cancun. I didn't need a new house. I didn't need a thing.

Persistent discontentment with what we have or who we are is like ...

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