The Imprint by Jennifer Waddle

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The Imprint
Series: All My Ducks in a Row - Living Under the Imprint of God
Jennifer Waddle
Revelation 2:2-4

Let me be very upfront about one thing. I do not have all of my ducks in a row.

In fact, I am far from it. But oh, how I want everything in my life to fall under the covering of God's imprint.

When studying the life of ducks, I found something interesting, about the moment a duckling is hatched. Whatever creature it sees first, that is the One imprinted on their little minds, and they follow that creature faithfully. Whether it be their mama, or another, the imprint is set.

In fact, when Animal Rescue groups care for a duckling that needs to be returned to the wild, they have to wear a hand puppet that looks like a duck, so it can readapt to the wild successfully.

Imprinting occurs because the duckling has the need to follow something for his own well-being.

Isn't that a beautiful word picture for us? We need to follow our Savior for our own well-being.

So what does God's imprint look like??The last book in the Bible offers a clear picture for us. Take a Look at Revelation 2:2-4

These words of Jesus came to John, while he was banished on the island of Patmos. Jesus was warning the believers in Asia Minor to remain steadfast, because of the many false teachings in those days.

For us, the words of the Lord remind us that He sees our hard work, our labor of love and all the things we do in this life. But these words also remind us that He alone is our First Love. Like the duckling who sees his mother upon hatching, and is wholly devoted to following her, we too, when we came to see Jesus as our Savior for the first time, were enveloped in His imprint.

Sadly, we often find ourselves following after other things. We get busy and forget about our First Love.

Return, return to your First Love?I Am the One your heart is dreaming of Don't you remember how I set you free Why then have you forsaken Me? Return, return to your First Love...

Could this really be the first step in getting all our ducks in a row? 

We practical girls want solid ways to organize and prioritize things. This Bible passage may not seem like it applies to the structure and order of our lives.?However, I believe if we skip this step, we will continue to wander from the path God has marked ou ...

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