Grooming Our Own Feathers - Where Do We Fit In? by Jennifer Waddle

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Grooming Our Own Feathers - Where Do We Fit In?
Series: All My Ducks in a Row
Jennifer Waddle

This chapter has fallen to number 6 for a very good reason, even though I was tempted to put it much higher in priority.?The world would have us believe that we need to look out for #1.

And though I firmly believe in taking good care of ourselves, as essential to living a well- balanced life, I am also convinced we need an ''I'm third,'' mentality.

It was 1958, when Captain John Ferrier, a pilot in the national guard, was part of an air show that went terribly wrong. His plane began to spiral toward a group of houses, and his fellow pilots shouted through the radio to eject.?But the Captain put the lives of others before his own. And finding the only spot between houses, he maneuvered the plane and went down.

He died instantly, but no one else did. A few days later, his wife found a worn card in his wallet that simply read, ''I'm Third.'' And she knew right away that he'd meant God first, others second, and self third.

As strange as it may sound, we can live an abundant life in third place. The symbolic bronze medal can become a beautiful testament of love and sacrifice.

But it goes against everything the culture so vehemently shouts, doesn't it? And it goes against our human nature.

I feel like, as Christian women, we tend to let the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other. We either neglect ourselves until we are a ragged mess, or we get into a selfish slump and regularly put our wants above others. I've done it too, and neither way is the right way to take good care of ourselves.

So, how do we groom our own feathers and fit in line with all the other ducks? Let's start from head to toe, shall we?

Starting with the tops of our heads, we know that God knows the number of hairs we have. Amazing! Think about that for a minute...the Maker of the Universe loves us so deeply, and so intimately, He knows every fiber of our being.

He understands what we like, dislike, wish for and struggle with. And He is the best One to help us care for ourselves exactly the way we should. But we need to know what He says about us, and the only way to discover that is through His Word.

Our minds must be focused on Him to properly care for our bodies. We can focus on losing weight, make-up techniques, finding the right clothes for our body types, and a whole myriad of things. But if our minds aren't on the Lord, we will still end up unhealthy and imbalanced.

Take extreme fitness for example. When we are driven to exercise, lift weights, and sculpt every muscle, without following God's lead, we are merely growing strong physically.

It is His desire that we are of sound mind.?Therefore, filling our minds with the things of God is the first step in caring for ourselves. Remember, whatever is lovely and pure, whatever is ...

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