A King's Gifts by Deb Waterbury

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A King's Gifts
Series: Painted Window
Deborah Waterbury 

This teaching download includes Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen of the Painted Windows book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Thirteen

Reginald couldn't sleep that night. He tossed and turned and then eventually got up to take a long walk around the royal gardens. Gazing at the way the moonlight played at the edges of the flowers, his mind couldn't help but return to Elizabeth.

She was so beautiful. It disturbed him greatly that she couldn't see her own beauty. Suddenly he was reminded of the previous day at the prison when he stood outside of her cell, looking through that awful black window. He knew she was on the other side of it, but she couldn't see him. He had stood there for a few minutes, lost in a love he still wasn't used to, and yet there she was, not five feet away from him, separated by a painted window.

Oh, that she could see through it! Oh, that she would know his love was genuine, that he loved her as no man has loved a woman! But right now it was plain to see that she did not. His heart was broken at this truth, but none of that would change how he felt. The love he felt for her that first day has only grown as each moment passed, and even though she couldn't see it, wouldn't see it, he would take care of her and he would continue to love her exactly as he did at that moment.

The first of the gifts arrived at Mary's house around nine the next morning along with a follow-up visit by Dr. Amone. Elizabeth and Mary had taken turns throughout the night tending to Millie. They had been greatly encouraged around 3:00 a.m. when they saw her eyelids flutter for a moment. Then around 5:00 she spoke for the first time and asked for a drink of water.

However, both Mary and Elizabeth were also awake at 9:00 when they heard the unexpected tap at the door.

''Are you expecting anyone?'' Elizabeth asked. Mary's husband had passed away three years earlier and they had never had any children. Elizabeth always supposed that was why Mary had been her surrogate mother ever since they met. The death of her husband and having no children had left Mary with little or no company, save Elizabeth and Millie.

''Dr. Amone said he'd return this morning,'' she answered as she went to the door.

As soon as it was opened a crack, a crew of four men, all dressed in the most elaborate of chef's clothing, came marching in, each carrying a bag of some kind.

''What is all of this?'' Mary asked.

''Orders from King Reginald. We were told to deliver this food to this house,'' the first man answered as the other three walked right past the flustered woman. ''Are you Elizabeth Percy?'' one of the men asked Mary.

From the sofa, Elizabeth answered, ''I am Elizabeth.''

The last of the men took two long strides to her, handed her an embossed envelope, ...

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