Love Unexpected by Deb Waterbury

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Love Unexpected
Series: Painted Window
Deborah Waterbury 

This teaching download includes Chapters Eleven and Twelve of the Painted Windows book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Eleven

''You know, Humphry, they're letting her out this morning,'' Peters said as he paced around his study, sweating profusely. He hadn't slept at all, and he had to admit he was more than a little relieved to find Humphry waiting for him in his library. ''What are we supposed to do if she talks?''

Humphry sat very relaxed on one of the overstuffed chairs. ''As I've told you many times, I have taken care of that.'' As soon as he finished speaking, they heard a loud knock on the front door. ''Ah, here he is now,'' Humphry said as he stood.

''Here's who?''

''The instrument of my plan, of course,'' Humphry answered, moving purposefully toward the entrance.

Lawrence walked in then with a paunchy man in an ill-fitting suit following closely on his heels. ''Jamison, how good to see you again,'' Humphry crooned as he walked toward the newcomer, hand extended.

Mr. Peters was clearly uncomfortable and Jamison looked around the room warily as Humphry approached. Lawrence bowed gracefully and exited as Humphry pumped Jamison's hand. ''My good man, we are going to have to see about getting you a nicer suit to wear. That one is positively atrocious!''

Jamison looked down at his attire, his face coloring a slight shade of pink. ''There's not much money in the miracle oil business these days,'' he answered.

''Of course, of course. Well, we're just going to have to see about that, aren't we,'' Humphry said, laughing before he again took his seat in the chair.

It was as though Mr. Peters had been left out of a conversation that clearly should have included him. He cleared his throat and took a small step toward his new guest.

''Oh, how rude of me,'' Humphry said. ''Mr. Peters, this is Mr. Jamison.'' The men shook hands, though Peters was mildly disgusted by the gesture.

Jamison was still timid, not quite sure of the direction this little meeting might take. ''It's nice to meet you,'' was all he could muster as he tried in vain to make sense of his surroundings.

Humphry was speaking again before either man could register too much. ''So, gentlemen, I suppose it's time to let the two of you in on the entirety of this plan since it has become apparent that all aspects of it will be necessary.'' He paused to stroke his bearded chin. ''I had hoped that our little Elizabeth wouldn't cause too much trouble, in effect rendering your role, Jamison, somewhat moot. However, she has always been a bit of a rebel, which is why I had a contingency plan in place to begin with.''

Neither Peters nor Jamison moved during his explanation.

Humphry looked up at Peters as he continued. ''Royce, you and I have been longtime ...

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