The Festival by Deb Waterbury

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The Festival
Series: Painted Window
Deborah Waterbury 

This teaching download includes Chapters Six and Seven of the Painted Windows book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Six

Contessa Peters was used to getting her own way. She had always been pretty, and her family's wealth had opened many doors to her as she grew up. She met Royce at her father's office one afternoon near her eighteenth birthday. He was very handsome and well-dressed. Her mother had sent her to her father's office on the pretense of delivering his lunch to him. She'd wondered why her mother insisted that she dress up so much just to deliver her father his food.

However, Contessa never passed up an opportunity to dress in her finest. She loved seeing the other women look at her enviously, and the many men at her father's workplace would most certainly pause in whatever they were doing to stare at her. Yes, she was quite willing to wear the exquisite dress she now wore to see her father. She was even more pleased she had done so when she walked in and saw Royce Peters.

Royce was standing to the right of her father's large desk, and two other men were seated across from her father. Her father and the other two men stood as she entered, and all four bowed gracefully at her entrance. Royce, however, had looked at her as he did so, his eyes never leaving hers.

''Contessa, darling, what brings you here?'' her father asked as he sat down again.

''Mother wanted me to bring you this,'' she answered as she held out the basket her mother had given her.

''Gentlemen,'' her father said as she placed it on the table by the door, ''this is my daughter, Contessa.'' The three men tipped their heads respectfully to her, and still Royce had kept eye contact with her. She felt herself becoming slightly unsettled by his bold behavior.

''Contessa, these are business associates of mine. This is Marshall Paline, Samuel Toole, and Royce Peters.''

Contessa looked to each of the men politely, but she tried not to look directly at the one introduced as Royce Peters. His gaze completely unnerved her. ''It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Father,'' she said as she bowed her head and then she left the office, much more quickly than she had entered. She hardly noticed the stares she so loved on her way home. What kind of man was this Royce Peters that he would look at her so?

It wasn't long afterwards that Mr. Peters had asked her to a dance, and then he frequented her home, always under the supervision of one of her parents, visiting her every chance he got. Contessa had fallen in love with him almost immediately. He treated her exactly as she had envisioned her future husband would-with adoration and love. Everyone in town spoke of how perfect they were together, as if they were made to be a couple. Royce was so dashing and she so beautiful. It was perfect.


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