Remind Them by Deb Waterbury

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Remind Them
Series: Threads
Deborah Waterbury

This teaching download includes Chapters Nineteen, Twenty, and Twenty-One of the Threads book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Nineteen

Albert Humphry was not a small man, though not overweight by any standards. He was tall in stature, however, and he had always been bigger than the average man. Because of this his silhouette in the doorway was very imposing, and Mary and Contessa froze when they looked up.

Humphry strolled in, waving a very large knife as he did. ''Now you two stay there where I can see you.'' He looked down closer at the woman on the sofa. ''Why, is that my little Millie?'' He moved toward them, causing the other two women to cower slightly-but only slightly. ''It is Millie!'' he exclaimed with mock enthusiasm.

''What do you want?'' It was Contessa who asked, and Humphry's attention snapped to the two women.

He took a step closer to them. Mary and Contessa stood their ground, though they huddled together even closer. ''What I always want, Mrs. Peters. I only want what's fair and what's rightfully mine.'' He sat down at the kitchen table, keeping his knife pointed toward them.

''You see,'' he continued, ''I had a good thing going around here. I was making a fair amount of money, had some pretty good girls working for me, had some enterprising men at my disposal.'' He looked up at Contessa. ''You know what I'm talking about, right?''

Contessa glared at him, and he laughed. ''Yes, you do seem to know a thing or two about that. Well, anyway, it seems that the good king of Comdenshire and his new bride-to-be have it in for me, standing in the way of everything that is rightfully mine. You see, I take personal offense when people who think they're better than me also make it their business to thwart my business ventures.''

He stopped talking for a moment, and both women saw his face darken even further. Anger poured out of every part of him in an instant. He spoke then through clenched teeth. ''I never let anyone go unpunished for these things, not anyone, and that includes the sweet Miss Percy and her farce of a king!''

Suddenly Millie began moaning, and all eyes shifted to the sofa. Humphry moved over to stand beside Millie, and Mary made a slight move toward him. He never looked at them but turned his knife so that it was pointing at them even as he was facing Millie. ''Don't move another muscle, you meddling wench!''

Millie continued to moan slightly and Humphry knelt down beside her. ''Millie?'' he crooned. ''Oh, Millie. It's your old friend, Humphry.''

Millie's eyes fluttered open at the mention of his name, and as she focused in on the man kneeling beside her, sheer horror was on her face in an instant.

Humphry was faster than she was by far. Just as she drew in a sharp breath to scream, he planted his hand over her mou ...

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