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Series: Threads
Deborah Waterbury

This teaching download includes Chapters Ten, Eleven, and Twelve of the Threads book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Ten

The ride to Elizabeth's house took longer than Sebastian would have liked. The vendors were setting up for the weekly market that would be open the next morning, so he had to make his way slowly through them. The longer ride gave him a few minutes to gather his thoughts before arriving.

King Reginald had built an amazing kingdom in Comdenshire. It was a beautiful land, and the people had always lived in relative harmony. Sebastian often asked Reginald why, however, he allowed the more negative element to live there, and the king would smile and say, ''My friend, I have built this kingdom for my people, and though I have a special love for them, I love all of mankind too. It is because of this love that I give them opportunity to experience the blessings that living in Comdenshire offers. How could I do any less?''

This answer more than vexed Sebastian at times, but even then he marveled at King Reginald's wisdom, at his devotion to all things good and fair. Unfortunately, however, in his absence, those whom he allowed to share in those blessings were threatening to take those very things from the king's devoted people. Sebastian found himself in the middle of just such a predicament.

He wanted to handle this present incident in a manner that would please the king, but he was at a complete loss as to how that might be accomplished. After all, King Reginald was the one who had appointed Julius Trump to the Men of Table. King Reginald was the one who, though clearly recognizing the potential trouble with Albert Humphry's release, still allowed the man to do business in Comdenshire. Nothing had ever happened in this kingdom with these people that was outside of the king's knowledge, and yet he had left. He left, and now Sebastian was there, trying to make sense of what exactly was happening while evil men plotted to overthrow Comdenshire and defame the king's future bride. Sebastian was confused and tired and forlorn. Suddenly the desire to see Elizabeth was stronger than ever.

His horse slowed as he pulled back on the reigns. Elizabeth's quaint little cottage was there, and Sebastian's heart began beating just a little faster. What was wrong with him? What was going on inside of him that he wanted-needed-to see her so desperately?

He tied his horse up outside of the house and cautiously approached the front door. What if she didn't want to see him? Why was he here in the first place? He knocked softly and waited. He didn't hear anything after a few seconds, so he knocked a second time. He was just turning to leave when the door opened a fraction.

Elizabeth peered into the afternoon sun, clearly not recognizing Sebastian at first. She had a vacant, faraway ...

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