Forgetting by Deb Waterbury

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Series: Threads
Deborah Waterbury

This teaching download includes Chapters Eight and Nine of the Threads book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Eight

''You've just about exhausted your usefulness to me, my dear,'' Humphry said to the unconscious woman at his feet. They were in the back room of John's Tavern, a place where Humphry often went to meet with his business associates.

''Oh, don't get me wrong,'' he continued. ''You've been a great help to me in dealing with Jamison and Peters and most especially with that treacherous Elizabeth.'' He nudged her again with the tip of his boot. ''But you've become a bit of a nuisance of late, and I quite frankly can't think of anything else to do with you.''

Her sort was so easy to manipulate, Humphry thought. Addictions were very convenient vessels through which to glean one's desired results. Millie had so many addictions; there was a veritable cornucopia of choices available to him. Consequently, he often found himself in a position to use people like Millie. She, however, had proven to be exceedingly useful of late. It was a bit of a shame to get rid of her.

Still, she was a mess. He pushed her over onto her back with his boot again and almost gagged at the stench. She could have been pretty at one time, but now she barely resembled the young woman she was. Now she was simply a drunk who stank of sweat and vomit and cheap wine. He inadvertently placed his hand over his mouth and nose as his face crinkled in disgust.

''John!'' he suddenly yelled. ''John, get in here!''

''What do you want, Humphry?'' came a wearied voice from the hall. ''I'm trying to run a business here. I don't have time for your …'' John stopped short as he entered the room. ''Wait a minute. Is she …?''

Humphry turned his back on John and the unconscious Millie in irritation. ''No, John, she's not dead. She's merely resting,'' he said with a smile.

John stepped over her body and stood behind Humphry, wiping his hands on the front of his apron. ''What do you want?'' He'd lost interest in Millie very quickly, preoccupied instead with the customers he'd left unwatched. His customers wouldn't take any time at all to jump behind the bar and help themselves to whatever they wanted. John tried not to leave for any length of time.

''What's the missus up to?''

John's eyebrows arched. ''As little as possible, last time I checked.'' John's wife had been a dancer in her younger years. She had also been pretty, which was exactly what had attracted John to her in the first place. He'd met her in a brothel a few townships from where she danced and entertained men from all over the land. She was very popular. Her stage name, Darling Darla, said it all. She was everyone's darling. Now, however, she mostly stayed in their meager dwelling above the bar, drowning the ...

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