Deception by Deb Waterbury

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Series: Threads
Deborah Waterbury

This teaching download includes Chapter Five, Six, and Seven of the Threads book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter Five

The weeks passed into months, and eventually time was a blur for Elizabeth. Not one day went by that she didn't miss Reginald desperately, but the people of Comdenshire had done exactly what Mary had said they would do: they looked to their future queen. It wasn't long before she found herself tending to their needs-emotional, familial, and spiritual. Whatever they happened to be, Elizabeth was the one they began to rely on in the king's absence. To be sure, there was no shortage of these needs either. It seemed that once King Reginald was absent, his laws, his teachings, and his mandates became harder to remember and even harder to maintain. The people needed their king, and apparently they needed him physically with them. The longer he was away, the more they turned to Elizabeth for guidance.

Of course, she had help. Sebastian was doing his fair share as well, though he tended to aid the people in Comdenshire in leadership militarily and legally. He settled border disputes and citizen complaints and any other matters requiring a form of justice. He utilized the king's Men of Table, the twelve Reginald had appointed some years earlier, but even they needed a leader. Sebastian had become that leader.

However, he and Elizabeth took care of these things gladly and without complaint. They shared a complete and undying love for and devotion to King Reginald, and each knew that he or she would die for him if necessary.

They met once a week, sometimes twice if need be, to discuss matters of Comdenshire, and then one more time during the week they would meet with the entire Men of Table, voting and debating when necessary, but discussing matters smoothly most of the time-smoothly, that was, unless Julius was there.

Of late, Julius Trump was absent from the table meetings more than he was present, and when he did grace them with his presence, he was cantankerous and argumentative with everyone-everyone save Elizabeth. No matter what she said or what she presented, he smiled devilishly at her, nodding and leaning forward. It made Elizabeth very uncomfortable, so she rarely spoke during the meetings at all.

She discussed her discomfort with Sebastian one day during her meeting with him. ''I don't trust him, Sebastian. I never have trusted him.'' She unconsciously shivered as she spoke of him, wrapping her arms around her torso as if from the cold, though they sat in front of a roaring fire.

Sebastian held his hands out toward the fire to warm them. ''I understand, Elizabeth, really, I do, but Julius Trump was one of the men appointed by King Reginald to serve on the Men of Table. We must trust that he knew what he was doing when he made that decision.''

''Yo ...

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