Threadbare Memories by Deb Waterbury

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Threadbare Memories
Series: Threads
Deborah Waterbury

This teaching download includes Chapters One and Two of the Threads book, as well as discussion questions and biblical study and application.

Chapter One

He looked with sheer hatred down on the town from his vantage point high in the forest. They'd pay for what they'd done to him. He would see to that. Barely a sound could be heard but his deep, loathing breaths. Yes, they would certainly pay.


''Would you come on, Elizabeth! The best vendors set up early, and I don't want to miss the first vegetables of the season.'' Mary fussed over her basket as she waited by the front door of the quaint little cottage. She peered in the open door, moving as she spoke again, clearly anxious to leave. ''Elizabeth!''

''I'm right here, Mary.'' Elizabeth appeared from the side of the cottage, touching Mary on the shoulder as she spoke.

Mary jumped. ''My lands, girl! You scared me to death,'' she said as she placed her hand over her heart. She quickly regained her composure, reached down to grab her basket, and began speaking again quickly. ''Oh, never mind. Come on, it's late.'' The older woman was moving before she finished talking, shuffling along the path that led to the town square, where the market vendors had set up for the day.

Elizabeth could only smile at her friend. They had been through so much together, and Mary was just being Mary. Elizabeth continued to smile as she followed Mary down the path. The previous spring seemed like a lifetime ago, and truly, it almost was. Mary had been her constant friend up to that point and from then to the present. The older woman had loved her as a sister since the day she found Elizabeth sleeping in the sheep pen and helped her land a job with Mr. Hobbs washing clothes. Mary was with her when she went to jail and with her when she got out. Mary had been Elizabeth's friend when no one else gave her a chance, and Mary would be her friend always.

Mary continued to talk while Elizabeth remembered. ''You know, old Mr. Torne has the best tomatoes, but he tends to overcharge for them. I'd like to see who else came in this year with a good crop and give that old buzzard a run for his money!'' Mary looked over her shoulder, ''Are you coming, dear?''

''I'm right behind you, Mary. You know, I think you walk faster every time we go to market.'' Yes, Elizabeth loved Mary very deeply.

Mary smiled as she continued her banter. In truth, Mary loved Elizabeth just as much. She saw something in the young woman that made her know long ago that Elizabeth was so much more than her life had allowed her to think. Thank the good Lord that King Reginald had seen it too.

As they rounded the bend in the path, it was almost as if the air came alive with the activity of the Comdenshire market. Every Saturday the square changed completely as vendors from all over the countryside a ...

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