Purses with Holes and Other Fine Things by Jennifer Waddle

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Purses with Holes and Other Fine Things
Series: Haggai - A Careful Look at the Way We Live
Jennifer Waddle


Ok, Ladies, it is time to trade in our purses for tool-belts. We have been called to build! Oh, I'm not talking about a weekend project here. I'm talking about a total remodel of our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Isn't it time we take a careful look at the way we live, and consider what is truly important?

If you're not familiar with the Old Testament book of Haggai, you are in for an exciting study. This short, often overlooked book of the Bible, is full of life-changing truths that will encourage us to examine the foundation we are building our lives upon.

Please understand what this Bible study is not. It is not a boring Old Testament story about a guy we've never heard of. And, it is not impersonal. What we learn from Haggai will be invaluable to us!

We will be reminded of Who God is, what He has done, and ultimately what He will do.

So, did you find those tool-belts? Good, you'll need them. Now, let's put on those hardhats and get into the Word of God. You see, the Bible is our blue-print, The Father our Master Architect, Jesus our Foundation and The Holy Spirit our Guide. I am honored to be on this journey with you as we study Haggai and take a careful look at the way we live.

Your Fellow Builder,


Some exciting things are about to happen as we dive into the book of Haggai. This Old Testament book only has two chapters, but oh, what a wealth of wisdom it holds for our lives!

The title I chose for this lesson reflects a bit of irony, but gives us a word picture of the way the people were living in the time of Haggai. You see, they had been commissioned to rebuild the temple of God in Jerusalem, after seventy years in Babylonian captivity. But, through heavy opposition, they eventually stopped building, turned their focus inward, and began spending their time, talent and treasure on themselves. God's call was all but forgotten. Their houses were being filled with ''fine'' things, while God's house remained in ruins. Figuratively speaking, they carried purses full of holes, always spending but never having enough.

Does this sound even the slightest bit familiar? I don't know about you, but I can get so consumed with what is going on in my life, and so focused on my earthy possessions, I can easily forget the magnificent call of God; to know Him and make Him known. But before we get into the real-life application of Haggai, we need to briefly examine the history of that era. Ready? Hold on tight and let's get started.

*Please read Chapter One of Haggai

The year was 520 B.C., and a message from the Lord came through the prophet to the Israelites. Now, our main man, Haggai, is somewhat of a mystery. Basically, all we know is that his name means festal, or festival, indicating that he may have been bo ...

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