Fear Not - Mary by Christy Fay

Fear Not - Mary
Series: Fear Not
Christy Fay
Luke 1:26-30

So honored to be with you this morning and to be part of what God is doing in and through this community. And I've known Jared for a while. And some of you might be able to say the same. You've known him for a while. Others of you have just joined this community and you're still getting to know him. So I'm going to embarrass him a little it this morning. In a good way.

Both Jared and I came to SCA in 7th grade. So I have known him sense then. My husband and him are buddies, they're bff's. Just a few short stories. At the end of our junior year it came time to elect student government officials. And being that we were seniors we could run for student body president and vice president. And our mutual buddy Kevin, who happens now to be a doctor, came forward and said I'm going to run for president and both Jared and I wanted that vice president slot. We're both kind of overachievers and we were thinking college applications- this is going to look good. But the trouble was, we both wanted it, which meant one person wouldn't. And I'll never forget we had this conversation, and I knew Jared really wanted to run- this was his buddy. But he said to me, you know what Christy, I'm going to step back and let you run. I think it will be good to have a male and female partnership, Kevin is ridiculously smart but the kind that can't remember their own phone number sometimes. So Jared was like I think it will be good to have your organizational skills. And he stepped back and let me run.

And then this one is my favorite. Fall of our senior year. It's time to announce homecoming king and queen. And they call my name, to my dad's shock and surprise. And they call Jared's name. So we come to the center of the football field and link arms under this archway and I'm about to get the crown on my head and says, ''Man I really wanted Fay to get it.''

This is your valiant leader. Always looking out for the needs of others. Ready to get out off the spotlight so others can step into it.

So I have the honor of kicking off a new series starting today called, FEAR NOT. These two words are used quite a bit in the Christmas story. The angel says these words to the shepherds, to Joseph, and to Mary. Because you know when an angel appears to you on the grassy hill where you are watching your sheep or in the middle of your bedroom or wherever Mary was it can cause a bit of a fright. And the truth is the Christmas story is one in which the characters are called to be a part of something that although wonderful is also somewhat terrifying. It requires the shepherds, Joseph, and Mary to venture really far outside their comfort zones. This is true for us too. God calls us outside our comfort zones doesn't he. Following Him means that we are going to encounter mountains that seem insurmountable and obstacles that feel overwhelming. We are going to be asked to a part of ...

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