May Your Words to Me Be Fulfilled by Christy Fay

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May Your Words to Me Be Fulfilled
Series: Reclaimed - Uncovering Your Worth
Week 6: Rising Action: Mary - Day 1
Christy Fay
John 4:43 - 50

Rising Action
1. a related series of incidents in a literary plot that build toward the point of greatest inter- est. (8) 

The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing. You can count on it (John 14:12 MSG).

Today we begin the final week of our journey together. I am deeply grateful for each of you. You have given the gift of your time and the gift of an open heart and open hands; in turn, I hope you have received a new and fresh word from our God.

This morning, as I write, I am profoundly thankful for that God, whose consistent presence moves us and draws us to Himself. He enters in. His work within and through us is never finished. His story has always been tightly bound and woven into the lives of those He calls children, and Mary, our focus for this week, is the paramount example of this. This story is about a simple girl from an obscure village who received an extraordinary invitation and was a brave enough to say yes.

My prayer for you, dear ones, as we begin, is that we all find the courage to say yes to the work He desires to accomplish in and through our lives.

Read Luke 1:26-38. For many of you, this passage will be familiar. You may have read these Scriptures in your personal time of devotion or heard them read every year in church in conjunction with the Christmas story. As you open this sacred text today, may it resonate and rest in you in a new way. May you experience the ‘‘power of the Most High’’ (Luke 1:35 NIV), as Mary did thousands of years ago.

We have the joy and the privilege of reading these Scriptures over two thousand years after the events took place. Sometimes reading them this far removed can be to our detriment. As I pore over these verses and all the events that transpired-from the angel’s visit to Mary’s pregnancy brought about by the Holy Spirit, to the actual birth of this holy child-I realize these events could quickly lose the utterly spectacular flavor they actually had. They have become too familiar, perhaps. I’ve lost the awe, the wonder, and the pure shock of it all. Before we go on, let’s pause for a moment and really consider what it was like to be in Mary’s shoes.

How do you think Mary felt when the angel appeared to her and related the astonishing news that she would be the mother of the ‘‘Son of the Most High’’ (Luke 1:32 NIV)? Perhaps the better question is, how would you feel and react if you were Mary in this same set of circumstances? Imagine Jesus had not yet come. You are a young girl, a virgin, and an angel appears before you with such a mes ...

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