All That You Say, I Will Do by Christy Fay

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All That You Say, I Will Do
Series: Reclaimed - Uncovering Your Worth
Week 4: Foreshadowing: Ruth - Day 3
Christy Fay
Ruth 3:1-6 

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24 NIV).

Yesterday, we noticed the kindness Boaz showed in his dealings with Ruth. This ultimately led us to reflect and consider how much greater and more profound God’s kindness is towards us. As we move to the third chapter of our story, we will settle in on the first five verses. Please read Ruth 3:1-5 now and fill in the blank. ‘‘My daughter, should I not seek _________________ for you that it may be well with you?’’ (Ruth 3:1ESV)

This sentence is of utmost importance because it’s a window into the heart of Naomi. It gives us a look at her inner motivations and sheds light on why she offers the advice she does to her dear daughter, Ruth. That word rest is also used in Ruth 1:9. Go back and read this verse. What does Naomi’s hope her daughters-in-law will find?

She longs for them to find new husbands and for the pain and anguish they experienced because of the deaths of Mahlon and Chilion to have some redemptive value. In her heart of hearts, she wants what is best for them both. Naomi reasserts this hope in chapter 3. If Ruth is ever going to be able to let her guard down, to be protected, loved, and cherished, if she is ever going to be able to find peace, Naomi knows it will come through a redeemer. In this case, Boaz. 

Let’s take this time to make a list of the actions Naomi gives Ruth to accomplish the night she goes to see Boaz.









Quite the list, isn’t it? I want you to know, first and foremost, that there is nothing that Naomi tells Ruth to do that is scandalous or of lewd intent. Her instructions align perfectly with the laws of the Torah. Boaz is in fact Ruth’s kinsman redeemer, and it is within her rights and responsibilities to make this known to him. Lying down at the feet of Boaz and uncovering his feet was a well-known practice in that day and time. A servant often performed a similar action towards his or her master, indicating total and full submission to them. Of course, you have to laugh a little at the embellishments Naomi adds. I’m not sure about you, but it tickles my fancy a bit. It’s as if she has said, ‘‘Go ahead and get dolled up, put on your best perfume, and dress in your most beautiful garment. Then wait it out. Don’t get ahead of yourself or overexcited. But hold off making contact with him until he has eaten and had a drink and is in good spirits.’’ Perhaps she whispers to her quietly and under her breath, ‘‘We ladies know that a man is much happier, less grumpy, and certainly easier t ...

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