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Series: Reclaimed - Uncovering Your Worth
Week 4: Foreshadowing: Ruth - Day 1
Christy Fay
Ruth 1 

[fawr-shad-oh, fohr-] verb (used with object)
1. to show or indicate beforehand; prefigure: 

If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there. If you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath (Psalm 34:18 MSG).

Welcome to our fourth week of study together. It’s my hope and prayer that you’ve read the stories of our heroines and through the study of their lives, found God moving in your own. They have certainly taught me a great deal and propelled me to ask some important and poignant personal questions. It’s my desire that this week be no different. If you recall, at the end of our study last week, I mentioned that Rahab was the mother of Boaz. It’s with his story, and with the story of the woman who unexpectedly showed up in his life, that we begin today. So far, our stories have shocked us with their drama and scandal and forced us to the edge of our seats in suspense. There is no debating that the book of Ruth reads much like a good romance novel, one that might even pique the interest of Nicholas Sparks fans. I mean, is there anyone else who has watched The Notebook more times than they can count? I’m a sucker for Ryan Gosling just as much as the next girl. Can I get an ‘‘amen’’? 

Our previous stories have been centered on one chapter of Scripture, but this week’s story is comprised of four chapters and earns its very own book in the Old Testament. Today we focus on Ruth 1. (Please note that I have used the ESV and it will help if you are able to access this version as you read and fill in the blanks.) Ruth 1:1-5 serves as the introduction, reveals the backstory, and communicates to us some of the key characters. Fill in the following character graph to help you get the family tree straight in your head. I found this exercise helpful in my personal study, as I can easily lose track of who’s who when it comes to some of the ancient Hebrew names and locations. I hope you find it beneficial as well. 

Family Tree

Where does Elimelech leave from and arrive to?

The city from which they depart is the setting of another very famous story. Any idea what that story might be?

What happens at the end of verse 5? 

Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah are all that remains of this family. Let’s find out what the women decide to do. Read the remainder of the chapter, and as you read, take note of any words that are repeated more than once. I have included some of the repeating words you may uncover below. Tally the number of times you find each of these words and answer the questions below.

my daughters: _____________ times wept: _____________ times

What do these two words tell us about the relationship bet ...

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