A Red Cord by Christy Fay

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A Red Cord
Series: Reclaimed - Uncovering Your Worth
Week 3: Oxymoron: Rahab - Day 5
Christy Fay
Joshua 2

In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds, and praise your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16 NIV).

We ended yesterday by discussing the importance of letting our inward declarations give way to outward change in our lives. Today, we will finish our story of Rahab and the spies. Let’s pick up in verse 12 and read until the end of Joshua 2.

According to verse 18, what color cord was it that the spies requested Rahab to tie in the window of her home?

For a Jewish audience, that color and the placement of the cord itself would immediately remind them of another story in the Old Testament. Can you think of what story I am referring?

If you wrote Passover, then you are brilliant and correct. If you are not familiar with this story, or even if you are, turn to Exodus 12 and read through the first thirteen verses. Answer the following questions as we attempt to draw some connections from the time of Moses to the time of Rahab, and right on to the time of Jesus. What was it the Israelites were to put on their doorframes in order for the plague of the firstborn to pass over them?

Take it a step further and read Matthew 26:2. What was Jesus preparing to do at the time of Passover?

Read Matthew 26:17. What meal, a ritual that we practice today in the church, was Jesus about to participate in on the day of Passover??

Stay with me. We are building to something, and it requires some work at the forefront. Continue by reading the following, which is an excerpt from Hebrews 9.

But when the Messiah arrived, high priest of the superior things of this new covenant, he bypassed the old tent and its trappings in this created world and went straight into heaven’s ‘‘tent’’-the true Holy Place-once and for all. He also bypassed the sacrifices consisting of goat and calf blood, instead using his own blood as the price to set us free once and for all. If that animal blood and the other rituals of purification were effective in cleaning up certain matters of our religion and behavior, think how much more the blood of Christ cleans up our whole lives, inside and out. Through the Spirit, Christ offered himself as an unblemished sacrifice, freeing us from all those dead-end efforts to make ourselves respectable, so that we can live all out for God (Hebrews 9:11-15 MSG).

How did Jesus become the Passover Lamb?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the cord Rahab tied on her window was red. It would have, undoubtedly, caused the Jews to reflect and recall God’s faithfulness that Passover day in Egypt when all of the Israelite’s firstborn children were spared. They would have easily connected the dots from Egypt to Jericho, and worshipped the God who not only spared Ra ...

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