When Our Trust Is in the Wrong Place by Naomi Cassata

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When Our Trust Is in the Wrong Place
Series: Getting to the Root of Your Fear (Part 1)
Naomi Cassata

A few years back, I had a dream that felt like more than the run-of-the-mill dream. It was one of those dreams that felt like there was some kind of meaning behind it. One that got me thinking.

In the dream, an intimidating lion was following me around my house. He was subtly prowling around, but he was not the least bit aggressive. Nevertheless, I found a room to hide in. I quickly shut the door as the lion stood outside. Suddenly one of my children was also on the lion’s side of the door. I opened the door very slightly to slip my child in. As I looked to my left the whole wall was missing. As I woke, I was left to ponder the exposed wall. Here I was hiding behind this door for safety when a whole wall was opened.

The more I pondered my dream, the more it seemed to resemble my life.

Fear has seemed to chase me down for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember having this irrational fear I was going to throw up at school. There was no reason for my fear, but to throw up at school was the biggest fear of my life! I look back now on how silly it was, but at the time it was paralyzing. More than once those fears had landed me in the front office calling my mom to pick me up. Fear doesn’t go away when we get older. They only change to “grown up fears,” if you will.

Throughout my life I had run from things that provoked any kind of uncomfortable feeling inside me. Not a literal sprint of course, but through avoidance of things. Hiding behind excuses for why I couldn’t do something. Like the door in my dream, my reasons for why I couldn’t do something, became my safe place. I wrongly thought that the way to deal with fear was through avoiding anything that provoked that uncomfortable feeling of fear inside me.

How do you usually handle your fears?



How is that working for you?



The more I avoided fear’s intimidation, the more fear remained at my heel.

Before long, I became cornered. The enemy does exactly that; he gets at our heels until we are backed up into a room−a place where we freeze in worry, where our focus is on nothing but what is behind the unknown doors in our lives.

Like the door in my dream, we often place our attention on that one area of fear. The door that provokes fear and terror in our hearts when all along, our wall is exposed. We foolishly think if that one fear was eradicated, then we will be alright. What we don’t realize is that once t ...

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