Planting Our Roots in God Alone by Naomi Cassata

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Planting Our Roots in God Alone
Series: Getting to the Root of Your Fear (Part 2)
Naomi Cassata

Read Jeremiah 17:7-8

What does it say about the person who trusts God?


What a contrast to the one who trusts in man. In the former imagery, we came to understand when our trust is not in God, we are barren. The root of our heart is in parched ground. Now look at the flip side of that. If I were to describe a tree that is “blessed,” I would say it was full of life, foliage green and thick, branches brimming with fruit, productive, and content. This is one blessed tree!

To trust in God is to look to Him for help. To find rest in His provisions. Psalm 34:8 says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

What comes to mind when you think of the word refuge?


I think of a safe place to go when a severe storm is approaching. A place I flee for safety during danger. Now if a storm is approaching and I think about going into a shelter, or if I just have a head knowledge that there is a place to hide, but do nothing about it, what good will it do me? If I stay put, the storm is going to destroy me. The same is true when trusting in God. We can be quick to say we trust God with our mouths, but do we prove it in our actions?

Small group discussion:

  • What might “trusting in God,” look like?

This is what God is to us during times of trouble. He is our refuge, our comfort, our shelter from the storms in life. When our fears are whirling around us, He is our peace.

When I faced PPD, I was tempted to look to man for all the answers. Man can only provide so much help to our physical ailments. It’s God that steadies us in the storms of life. It’s His hand that holds us when our pillow is filled with tears. It’s His power that ultimately brings the healing.

Can you think of a time that God was your refuge? In what way did He comfort you?




This is not to say that God does not use others to come along side us to help. The comfort we get from family and friends, the prayers lifted up on our behalf, the inspiration we receive from cards and letter, have a very important place in our lives. They are often tools used by God. But they should never be where our heart is solely finding strength.   

Let’s look at verse eight.

What is the man who trusts in God likened to, in the first part of that ve ...

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