I Must Be in Absolute Control in Order for My Life to Not Fall Apart by Naomi Cassata

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I Must Be in Absolute Control in Order for My Life to Not Fall Apart
Series: Lies Women Believe (Part 3)
Naomi Cassata

Lie: If I don’t control every aspect of my life, it will not go well.

Truth: Surrendering control to God is the only control that will cause my life to go well.

It almost seems like trying to control is in our DNA. We associate control with things running smoothly and efficiently. I am a mom of four children, ages 3, 6, 8, and 11, and homeschool the older three. Although there are various grade levels to juggle and a three-year-old to keep occupied, most days, we have order and things do run smoothly. When things are under control, I feel like homeschooling is a breeze (this being only my second year). “Why did I stress so much the first year?” I scold myself. But. Yep, there’s always a “but” when things go too smoothly around my household. Then there was last week. Last Thursday to be exact. I almost lost control. Both my temper and over my students. It started with my six-year-old. I saw the signs early on. His grumpy demeanor over breakfast that not even chocolate milk could fix. After breakfast, he decided to bring whine (not the stuff made from grapes) to school. He wanted to control his school schedule on this grumpy Thursday morning. He didn’t want to start with reading, like I suggested. His face became distorted and his posture followed. Then he bellowed, “IIII wunna dooo math firrrst.” (This was about the time I started to lose control of my temper). Did I mention my eight- year-old was pinging off the walls and teasing his little sister? I did some investigating and found out their late night adventures with Bonanza and video games, on their Kindles, were at fault. Late night entertainment does unpleasant things to my children’s demeanor. Did I mention, we have a rule of no Kindles on weeknights for this very reason?

We need control to keep order in homeschooling and in our society. There is a sense of rest and peace when things are under control. Imagine a world that wasn’t governed by leaders and authorities. People would run amuck without fear of consequences. The world would be chaotic and a fearful place to live (as if it’s not already). We see in the news, areas of the world where their leaders have lost control and the tragedies that occur. Loss of control gives the violent free-reign, the rebels a platform, and sin its full glory.

 Small group discussion:

  • Can you think of a circumstance, in your own life, when control was absent? Explain.
  • What about a time when control and order were at its best?

Are you an orderly person? The type of person that does nothing unless it’s planned. You feel secure when things go accordingly and anything less is an interruption and sends you into panic mode? Growing up, my family were not planners or rule ...

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