Surrendering Control to God Will Keep Me Together by Naomi Cassata

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Surrendering Control to God Will Keep Me Together
Series: Lies Women Believe (Part 4)
Naomi Cassata 

What do we do when life does not go as planned? When our fears are coming to a head. When we feel we are losing control. Or when we find ourselves at the bottom of a pit with no way out. 

Joseph was thrown into a pit by his brothers, then sold into slavery. Later, falsely accused, and condemned to prison life with no release in sight. Things had gone from bad to worse, at least that’s how it appeared.

Has there been a time in your life that one thing after another seemed to be coming at you at once? Right when you thought you couldn’t handle it any more, you get another blow.

When life seems out of control, people often view God in two very different lights. He is either their source of strength, or the focus of their complaint. There is an understanding, with most people, Christian and non, that there is a God up in Heaven who watches over the good and bad. In the cloudiness of our troubles, He becomes the object of our grumbling: “Why didn’t you stop this?” “How can you let this happen?” When troubles come or linger too long, His “lack” of intervention is troubling to our limited understanding. God is blamed for allowing the chaos; hence, we don’t turn to Him for comfort. He no longer becomes our help, but the one we avoid. This is oftentimes the distorted posture we humans see from.

Despite the cloudiness, we must manage to grab hold of His hand and find rest in His faithfulness alone. The psalmist saw God in this light, he said, “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble” (46:1). The psalmist discovered the true source of help and safety during turbulent times. The only peace from the storm.

What comes to mind when you think of the word refuge?


What tends to be your refuge or the first thing you run to when life is tough?


Have you found this to be a temporary crutch or an enduring support?


Temporary crutches are prone to break and only get us through the moment. They cannot carry us to the other side successfully. Neither do they strengthen us to handle the next storm that comes our way. They tend to cause us to trust and lean on them more and more with each approaching storm.

Have you found this to be true with your temporary shelters? If so, how?




Can we agree humans are weak? We can’ ...

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