The Living Room of Prayer by Paulette Phillips

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The Living Room of Prayer
Series: The Rooms of Her Heart
Paulette Phillips
Mark 1:35

When I was a girl growing up in the l960’s, the living room of our home was an untouched room with beautiful furniture. This room had a white sofa, lovely shag carpeting, a piano, and no television.  We couldn’t play in this room because it was reserved for company and conversation!  It was always clean. 

I had a unique attachment to the room, however.  I felt as if this room belonged to me because I went there every day to practice the piano.  As the oldest of six children, I enjoyed the quiet solitude of this special room.

Today our living rooms are much more functional.  We live, work, and play in them.  Whether we label this room the great room, the living room, the bonus room, the keeping room, the library, or the music room, activity and action fill the space.  But when the activity of the day is absent, what better use of this room than to use it as a place of prayer!

A Time to Pray

Christians know prayer should be a daily exercise, but as a busy women, you may ask, “When can I pray? My intentions are good but the children, the jobs, the telephone, and the errands eat up my hours and when the day comes to a close, I realize I have once again missed my prayer time!”

Jesus knew the toil of a busy life.  Mark 1:35 says of our Lord, “Now in the morning having risen a long while before daylight, he departed to a solitary place and there he prayed.”  In spite of the intense mission and constant demands on His time, Jesus prayed all the time and before every decision or event in his life.  He prayed prior to calling the 12 disciples, before performing miracles, before healing the sick, feeding the thousands, before raising Lazarus from the dead, before His trial and during His crucifixion.  Often He left crowds standing, awaiting His ministry, so he could steal away to a solitary place.  If it was imperative for Jesus to pray to the Father, how much more should we pray!

Prayer must be a priority.  We know as women that the thing that screams the loudest in our lives is that which gets our attention.  However, you can carve out a time of day to communicate with God.  If you are a morning person as I am, you can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and spend your quiet time with God as the sun rises. Your peak time may be during lunch or after an afternoon jog, or you may enjoy the quietness of the late evening when the household is sleeping.

Lessons in Prayer

You may say, “Once I find the time, how do I get started?”  This is an age-old question, one that even the disciples asked our Lord, saying, “Teach us to pray.”  In response, Jesus gave them the Lord’s Prayer.  “Our Father which art in heaven&hell ...

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