The Attic of Secret Sin by Paulette Phillips

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The Attic of Secret Sin
Series: The Rooms of Her Heart
Paulette Phillips

Imagine your house is for sale.   The realtor calls and a prospective buyer wants to see your home in ten minutes.  Everything is in a state of chaos.  Where do you hide everything in an emergency?  Do you fill the clothes dryer, the car, the closet, the basement, the freezer or the outside storage building?  Of course, the ideal place is a less traveled area like an attic.

Forty years ago my parents had the most beautiful purple bedroom.  It was remodeled with one long wall full of built in extras and multiple mirrors flanking the vanity.  All were behind louver doors. Everyone who visited our home always wanted to see the master bedroom for it was ornate and highly stylish.  I remember one such occasion when mom gave me the glance that communicated “make the bed and straighten the room before I bring the company in.  I did just that, but I had no idea where to put the clothes and incidentals cluttering the room, so I threw everything on the vanity behind ths louver doors.  That proved to be a very temporary and unsatisfactory solution.  Hiding things is no easy task.

When my children were small, I would “store” many of their toys for a few months so their rooms were uncluttered.  After awhile I would bring out their “new” toys, and they would eagerly play with them.

What Do you Hide?

Somehow we think the things we hide are not visible to others.  It is in our nature to hide our shortcomings to others.  In I Samuel 15 God told King Saul to utterly destroy the enemy, the Amalekites.  God’s orders were clear: to decimate everything from women, children, men, buildings, oxen, sheep and possessions.  Leave nothing alive.

Saul pretended to obey God’s instructions.  However, he kept the Amalekite king alive and all the choice livestock and possessions. These valuables he tried to hide from God and the prophet Samuel.  Later, he claimed that the livestock would be sacrificed to God, but he probably intended to put them in his own backyard.

In verses 9,13-15 Samuel said, “What then is the bleating of the sheep and the lowing of the cattle in my ear?” But Saul kept denying that he hid anything from the Lord God.  Have you ever tried to hide anything?

Remember playing hide and go seek when you were a child? It is now a game I love to play with my grandsons. My first grandson Ethan would hide behind the open plantation shutters, peeking at me through the slats.  I would pretend I couldn’t find him and then he would rush from the hiding place laughing loudly.  He always thought that he had fooled me. 

When my Heather was a preschooler, she loved sweets. I would look at her and ask, “ Heather, have you been ...

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