Donkey Detours and Tent Pegs by Debbie Stuart

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Donkey Detours and Tent Pegs
Series: Lessons Learned
Debbie Stuart
1 Samuel 9

Grab your Bible, and turn to 1 Samuel 9. 

Lord, you take us to places that we would not have chosen to go. You use things in our lives that seem useless and circumstances that seem hopeless. Your ways are not our ways; help us this day to yield to Your way. 

This is an interesting passage of scripture that includes a journey, some important Biblical principles and life lessons for us as we seek to make progress in the will of God for our lives. And the critical thing is what we are about to read happened immediately preceding the big thing God was about to do in the life of Saul. We are also on a journey, and I believe the Lord is about to do a big thing. Let’s see what we can learn and apply. 

Read 1 Samuel 9:1-20, and pay close attention to the facts, details, discussions and underlying implications. List as many as you can in your journal. 

Here’s the facts of the scenario:
• Kish (rich, powerful and influential) sent his son, Saul, to do a menial task: find some lost donkeys.
• From the outset, Saul did not want to do this assignment. He did not prepare well, he made excuses, he complained, he whined and he thought he was too important for such a task. He kept trying to end the assignment prematurely.
• This whole assignment wasn’t really about donkeys at all. It was about getting Saul from Point A to Point B, so that the Lord could accomplish the big thing He was planning all along. The Lord just sent him on a donkey detour.
• His donkey detour led to his Divine Destiny 

Think also about Joseph and the particular way the Lord led him to his destiny. It certainly wasn’t a direct path (like I prefer on my journey). No, he had to go through betrayal, a pit (a dark place he was unable to leave on his own) and slavery. Yet, all the while, the Bible tells us that the Lord was with Joseph. 

So, you can be in the middle of betrayal and in dark, dreaded lonely places feeling abandoned and still be in the middle of the Lord’s will. It may be a journey He has laid out to lead you to your destiny. Do not give up; do not lose heart. 

Has the Lord sent you on what seems like a donkey detour? 

Setbacks often are really your setups; it just depends on how you look at them. 

Lets’ take a look at another story where the Lord gave someone an unusual assignment. Jael, a strong woman in scripture, yet likely somewhat unknown by many. She used the ability the Lord had ...

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