Faithful Behavior by Debbie Stuart

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Faithful Behavior
Series: Lessons Learned
Debbie Stuart
John 2 

Grab your Bible, and turn to John 2. 

Lord, I pray You’d interrupt our lives with YOUR glory. Cause our thoughts to be in accordance with Your will, so we accomplish Your plan and purpose for this day and in our lives. We commit to faithful behavior. 

John, Chapter 2 records the first miracle Jesus performed where he turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. If we will look carefully, tucked away in one sentence were the instructions to receive that first miracle.

Here are the facts:
• The people invited Jesus into what was going on in their lives. (Many of us fail to do this very simple thing.)
• They had a problem they could not fix or control. (Sound familiar?)
• They went to “the Source” for the solution. (Where do you go for solutions?)
• They did what Jesus instructed. (Sounds simple, but is often neglected.)
• They received a miracle. 

What is the last thing the Lord asked you to do? Did you do it? There is no sense asking for further instruction or help if you have not done the last thing He asked you to do (ask me how I know). Perhaps He asked you to make an apology or restore a relationship with a friend/ family member or write a check or give something to someone or serve in some capacity. Maybe it’s more personal, such as lose weight or start exercising or become more disciplined with priorities and spending money. Perhaps the last thing He asked you to do wasn’t something to start doing, maybe it was something he asked you to stop doing, such as stop talking about other people, stop smoking, stop being critical and negative, stop making excuses, stop spending so much time on the computer/tablet/phone, stop watching certain shows on TV and stop reading certain books. 

Don’t misunderstand, I am not judging. I struggle with several of those listed things. I’m also not saying any of those things are wrong. I’m just asking: Are the things you do daily the best use of your time? Are you seeking to know God better, pursue Him deeper, accomplish His plan for your life and honor Him in all your ways? If not, change it! You are the only one who can. Every decision you make, is seed you sow.

Here it is, the words that changed their lives: 

“Do whatever He tells you.” - John 2:5 

It really is that simple: Obey the voice of the Lord. 

But who experienced the very first miracle the Lord performed? The bride and groom? The rich or important people? No. It was the servants — those who obeyed His instructions and did what He asked them to do. Everyone else was totally clueless about the Lord turning water into wine behind the scenes. I don’t want to be clueless about the Lord’s work and miracles 

Let ...

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