The Crocodile Challenge by Debbie Stuart

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The Crocodile Challenge
Series: Lessons Learned
Debbie Stuart
Job 41 

Grab your Bible, and turn to Job 41.

Many of you may know the story of Job. The Bible says he was an upright man who feared God. You may not know about the conversation that took place in Chapter 1 about him. The Lord asked Satan if he considered his servant Job to be a great man with complete integrity. Satan replied, “Yes, Job fears you but without good reason because you always protect him and cause him to prosper, take it away and he will curse you.” So the Lord allowed Satan to test Job. 

I imagine the conversation going something like this: 

God: He loves me and will not quit on me, no matter what.
Devil: If things don’t go his way, he’ll quit.
God: No, he won’t.
Devil: Yes, he will!
God: No, he won’t! 
And so the test began.

The next 40 chapters explain the excruciating test which consisted of Job losing everything he had except his life. He lost his children, his cattle, his health, his reputation, his livelihood and his friends (because they thought Job caused this). These chapters contain the immense emotional and physical pain he endured. They describe his heartache and extreme suffering. The chapters also include a Q&A. Toward the end, when I assume the pain is getting to be more than he can bear, Job has some questions for God, and God has some questions for Job. Don’t you hate it when the Lord answers your questions with questions? 

In Job Chapters 38-39, God challenges Job with a series of questions which he could not possibly answer. I believe these questions were intended to help shift Job’s perspective from his personal problems, such as what he was feeling, seeing and experiencing, to a much different and greater perspective — God has the entire world in his control since He created everything.

The Lord asks Job, “Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?” Job 40:2 (NLT). Anyone else ever argue with the Almighty besides me and Job? 

In Chapter 41, verse 1 (NLT) God asks Job, “Can you catch a crocodile with a hook or put a noose around its jaw? Can you tie it with a rope through the nose or pierce its jaw with a spike? Will it beg you for mercy or implore you for pity? Will it agree to work for you, to be your slave for life? Can you make it a pet like a bird, or give it to your little girl to play with?” 

For me, the message is clear: Debbie, you can no more get your hands around a crocodile and control it than you can put your hands around what I am doing and try to control the situation. 

Verse 8 (NLT) states, “If you lay a hand on it, you will certainly remember the battle that follows. You won’t try that again! No, it is useless to try to capture it”. 

Too many times I have tr ...

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