Somebody Should Have Said Something by Debbie Stuart

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Somebody Should Have Said Something
Series: Lessons Learned
Debbie Stuart
Joshua 1:1-9 

Grab your Bible, and turn to Joshua 1. 

Lord, I pray you’d use this lesson in a very personal way to bring comfort, breakthrough and revelation to the sweet soul that needs a fresh word from you. Speak personally and specifically and grow in us a desire for your Word and a passion to pursue you at all cost.

Through the various stages of life, especially the one I’m in now (hello, 50!), I’ve been a little shocked at the weird things that are happening to me. I’ve discovered in this season that my mind and my body no longer agree on things. My mind would like to do things that my body refuses to participate in. Every evening my mind would like my body to get on the exercise bike, yet my body — in full-blown rebellion of this idea — stands firmly planted in the kitchen eating a brownie. My mind says “you should not be doing that, you should be exercising,” while my body responds with “keep talking, and I will eat this whole pan of brownies!” 

It’s like there are two different people inside me, and nobody told me about this. If I’m going to ride a hormone roller coaster that causes me to routinely stick my head in the freezer compartment of my fridge, somebody should have said something. One winter it snowed 10 inches in McKinney, Texas, and we had a hard freeze. I stood outside, in shorts and said, “This feels awesome!” Again, a little heads up would have been nice.

My sweet mom has lived in heaven since she was 40, so I do not have that relationship in my life, a relationship I miss terribly. I find myself wishing someone would have told me certain things … about life, grief, relationships, emotions, sons and daughters ... and explain how the Lord works in all of it to accomplish His plan and purpose for my life. 

I’ve had the hardest time trying to figure out when to hold on and when to let go; when to step out in faith and when to wait. I’ve thought, “I don’t’ know what I need to know.” Have you ever felt sorrow and thought, “No one told me ... (you finish the sentence)?” For a long time in my life I took two steps forward and one step back in my walk with the Lord. I wasted a lot of time. So I want to be one that steps up and “says something” based on truths I’ve learned in God’s Word. 

What if every Bible Study workbook fell off the face of the earth, would you be all right?

Do you know how to glean from your Bible with just a clean sheet of paper? Can you hear Him speak and pull out Biblical principles to live by?

I want us to learn God’s Word and apply God’s Word to our lives. Let’s stop trying to figure out everything on our own, “playing church” ...

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