Encounters with Jesus: Confessions of a Martha by Christina Patterson

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Encounters with Jesus: Confessions of a Martha
Series: Encounters with Jesus
Christina Patterson
Luke 10:38-42

Read: Luke 10:38-42 

Introduction | This lesson is called “Confessions of a Martha” because my name is Christina Patterson and I am a Martha. When I first read this story I understood exactly where she was coming from. When she pleaded with Jesus to get Mary to help her I was cheering Martha on like “Yeah Jesus, tell Mary to stop being lazy.” I was probably just as surprised as Martha when I read Jesus’ response. But as I have come to a deeper knowledge of God in my relationship with Christ I have grown to understand more and more, what it truly means to “choose what is better.” 

Verse 38 | So in today’s scripture Jesus is continuing His missionary journey and along the way Martha invites Him to her home. I believe Martha knew who Jesus was and she did in fact believe in Him and loved Him. I do not doubt that. She had a sincere desire to be in the presence of Christ because of who He was to her. I believe she had the best of intention and I believe this is why she invited Him to her home. 

Verse 39 | We see Jesus accepts her invitation. He comes to her home and her sister Mary uses the opportunity to simply enjoy His presence. As Jesus teaches Mary sits at His feet and listens intently. She allows herself to become still before the Lord to experience Him. This is the posture God wants for His daughters. Jesus comes into our life and He speaks tenderly to us. We should be drawn to His loving ways, we are to be drawn and attracted to Him. He comes and we have a desire to get as close as we can to feel His presence and as quite as we can to hear His voice. Jesus is here daughters of God. He is near. Look and see. Put down your cell phone, turn off the TV, walk away from the computer, leave the dirty dishes in the sink and feel His presence and hear His voice.

Verse 40 | As I said earlier I believe this is the heart Martha originally had. But something changed once Jesus was in her home. I say this because verse 40 tells us “Martha was distracted”. Distracted. Other translations say she was cumbered, worrying, busy, or upset. Her once excited demeanor to invite Jesus to her home turns sour. She was just as capable as Mary to rest in His presence and hear His voice but her focus was diverted. So it is not as though one woman is better than the other, this too could have happened to Mary. But it happened to Martha and it quite often it happens to me. She became distracted with the preparations that had to be made. Her focus was not Jesus but what she had to do. Not on what Jesus wanted but what she wanted. 

You know that you are in the presence of a good host when you feel comfortable in their home. You know you are in the presence of a great host when you feel at home. Usu ...

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