No Short Cuts in Preparation by Paulette Phillips

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No Short Cuts in Preparation
Series: Esther
Paulette Phillips
Esther 2:8-18

No Short Cuts in Preparation • Esther 2:8-18

When Alexander the Great entered Susa (probably 100 years after Esther’s time), he was stunned by the wealth.  He saw over 1200 tons of gold and silver bullion amassed along with 270 tons of minted gold coins!  No doubt what Alexander saw was only a fraction of the wealth of Ahasuerus’ kingdom. 

It was into this grand and spectacular setting that Esther would emerge. Young Esther must have been overwhelmed and intimidated by the splendor of the palace and the glory surrounding the King of Persia. This young exile, outsider, commoner, and orphan was in competition to be the bride of this king.  For 12 months, Esther was pampered and primped.  Her preparation for the throne involved many elaborate experiences and treatments.

Esther’s Mentors

No one accomplishes great things alone. Role models, confidantes, sounding boards and cheerleaders are available for those who seek them.  There are those who provide sponsorship, guidance and feedback in our lives if we simply ask and listen.  We have mentors in our professional careers, spiritual quests, and personal lives.  However, in every case we must look for mentors who have our best interest at heart—not mentors who try to make us dependent on them.

Such quality mentors aided Esther’s rise to the throne. One mentor for Esther was the king’s chamberlain Hegai, a eunuch who was in charge of the women. Young Esther listened to and obeyed his advice, gaining her great favor with her mentor.  Hegai gave Esther special attention, additional beauty treatments, more servants and better apartments than the other women (Esther 2:7, 15).

Esther may have asked him what to wear for the King, or she may have asked the king’s favorite color or style of jewels.  Maybe she confided her fears to Hegai or the fact that she was Jewish. It is significant that this mentor, Hegai, did not direct her loyalty to himself, but to the king.

A true mentor will direct you to what is best for you.  The church needs mentors who will direct Christians to God rather than themselves.

Another mentor in the life of Esther had always been Mordecai. He was her older cousin and a father figure to her.  The Scripture reveals little about Mordecai, but we know he was devoted to Esther and came to the palace daily to check on her. He evidently had trained her well to have dignity, assurance and strength of character.  She listened to him and obeyed him, even as an adult.

I believe Mordecai is a metaphor of the Holy Spirit who mentors our spiritual growth and points us to Christ in all things.  He convicts us of sin. 

Who are your mentors? I have had only a few mentors in my life, but they h ...

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