Can't Hide the Pride by Paulette Phillips

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Can't Hide the Pride
Series: Esther
Paulette Phillips
Esther 6

Promotion is from the Lord! In Esther 6, King Ahasuerus is ready to promote a humble Jewish man to the second highest position of authority in all of Persia. When God promotes, it is often unexpected.

In verse one of chapter 6, the king’s insomnia was not due to indigestion, too much caffeine or too much pizza.  This tossing and turning was a divinely appointed sleepless night in the Shushan Palace. No doubt King Ahasuerus spent the evening kicking the blankets off and covering up with them again. He may have turned on his side or counted sheep or maybe recited the alphabet, but God had another plan for him. 

When God gives you a troubled mind, you need to ask why.  It was no accident that the king could not sleep on the night before the intended execution of Mordecai.  God’s timing is always perfect.  Our God is an on-time God. He may use insomnia to get your attention!

The king did not call for the musicians to sing him to sleep; instead, he called for the history books to be read to him.  If anything should put you to sleep, the reading of history will do the trick!  As the historical records were read, the king discovered that even though Mordecai had saved his life, Mordecai had not been honored in any way for his acts of service. The king was filled with remorse and a sense of urgency as he resolved to reward this devoted citizen. 

Pride Goes Before a Fall 

Haman, the King’s favorite, was about to be exposed as a manipulator and one full of evil and pride.  Webster’s dictionary defines pride as: “a sense of one’s value and dignity. An overly high opinion of one’s self or conceit. The first of seven cardinal sins.” Haman’s pride was evidenced in:

            • Never denying himself anything

            • Trusting his own strength

            • Conceit, vanity and insolence

            • Unreasonable self-importance

            • “All about me” attitude

            • Overly praising himself

            • Contempt of others

            • Anxious to gain position and esteem

            • Distress and rage if overlooked


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