The Reckoning by Paulette Phillips

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The Reckoning
Series: Esther
Paulette Phillips
Esther 7-8

Zechariah 2:8 states that anyone who tries to touch Israel touches the apple of God’s eye.  Haman was about to pay the consequences for trying to hurt the people of God!

After Haman felt the humiliation of leading a parade for Mordecai, Haman’s wife told him that he was beaten and undone.  She informed him that he would “never succeed.”  But Haman still went to the second banquet full of hope.  I wonder if he had a cool exterior or if he was edgy and nervous inside! He likely had no idea that the massacre he had planned for the Jews would never be a reality. Instead, Haman would be destroyed and his name would live on in disgrace forever. 

The Decisive Wife

The king had asked on two occasions what he could bestow upon his dear Esther, and now it was time for Esther to answer.  Timing is everything in a husband and wife discussion!  After living with a spouse for many years, you know what appeals to them, what approach to take that will be well received, and how to relate your wishes so they will be accepted. You know how to approach your husband, and so did Esther.

Esther had prepared two elaborate dinners and waited for the right time.  Certainly her husband knew something very serious was at stake.  Notice that Esther did not barge in on her husband with screams, shouts and demands.  She knew how to make a loving appeal.   Esther filled his stomach with delicious food, showed him her charm and grace and gained his undivided attention!

When the time came, she acted decisively. In verses 3-4 she declared, “Let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request.” How personal this was! And what a statement to absorb for her unsuspecting husband!

The Defeated Enemy

The climax of this drama is rapidly drawing to a close. The king had a great love and affection for his wife and Esther appealed to that devotion. She also appealed to his sense of politics on behalf of her suffering people.  He would lose citizens, tax-paying individuals, hard working and contributing citizens should they be annihilated.  She appealed to her husband on the basis of their relationship and love.   

Finally, Esther boldly exposed the enemy to be the wicked Haman.  The king’s high regard for Haman immediately turned to bitter hatred.  Even though Haman thought he was secure, he was on the edge of ruin.  Haman showed no mercy and now none was given to him.

Two similar examples from history come to mind.  In the 1500’s during the reign of Henry VIII of England, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and was the most powerful man in England.  This Cardinal desired to be Pope.  He loved splendor, wealth and ...

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