My Driver, My King Teaching Guide by Deb Waterbury

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My Driver, My King Teaching Guide
Series: "Get in the Front Seat!" A Study of Colossians
Dr. Deb Waterbury
Colossians 1:1-29

It seems to me that lots of people on this planet have a problem with Jesus Christ.  Some doubt His supremacy; others doubt his sufficiency.

Those who doubt His supremacy are normally non-Christians.  They may be atheistic, they may be religious, they may actually be members of another religion than Christianity, but they doubt what Paul claims here in Colossians about the supremacy of Christ. 

Some of them honor Christ as a great prophet or a great man or teacher, but they do not believe that He is Lord over the universe, Lord over all that Paul is going to argue in today’s passage. 

Still others, perhaps within the Christian fold, acknowledge Christ’s supremacy with their tongues, giving attestation to the fact that He is supreme, but they have questions as to whether or not He is sufficient.  Of course, most wouldn’t say this outright.  If asked, they’d probably vehemently argue for His supremacy.

However, where they demonstrate their disbelief is in their Christian experience.  They start with Christ, but then they move on to other things.  Most often, we’ll see this moving on in terms of their own works.  They think that they can start with Christ, but then they surmise that if they are going to stay in fellowship with Him, they have to move on to other things.  They attempt supplementing Him with trying to merit His favor, generally through their own obedience in one form of another.  Other times they simply think there is some deeper spiritual principle that they must lay hold of to keep fellowship with Christ.

Sometimes, they add or mix other beliefs with the Gospel.  It could be astrology or mythology, or sometimes it’s as far as mixing Christianity with other forms of religion.

Talk about Philipino religion of “Eglesia ne Christo.”

Unfortunately, you and I may not be as “far out” as that, but I dare say that each of us, in her own way, has tried to supplement what we know of Christ’s supremacy.  Generally, we do this by thinking we have other things to do so that we can merit His love and redemption.  Paul was speaking directly to those misbeliefs in Colossians, specifically in the passage we’re going to look at today.

Because here is some truth for you:  Christianity is about Christ.  End of story, and pretty simple really.  Christianity is about a person, the person of Jesus Christ.  When you come to experience God’s salvation, you are brought into a relationship with a person, the person of Jesus Christ.

Acts 4:12 says,

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be ...

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