No Detours! by Deb Waterbury

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No Detours!
Series: "Get in the Front Seat!" A Study of Colossians
Dr. Deb Waterbury
Colossians 2:1-23

Very often I have used the old adage about the boiling frog to illustrate my following point:  untruths seldom ever come at the unsuspecting believer all at once.  Instead, the heat of deception is cloaked in gradual increase, where the believer truly is unsuspecting and eventually, completely off course.  That is exactly what had occurred in the  Colossian church and it is the situation that prompted the Apostle Paul to write the letter we now study.

He is struggling, he says, in his heart because he is truly concerned for them.  We, too, should be concerned for our fellow believers.  What was happening a couple of thousand years ago in Colosse and Laodicea is occurring with regularity in many, many congregations that profess outwardly to be “Christians” in our cities.  It may be occurring with regularity in your own thinking or in the books you may read.  When we entertain these “new revelations” or “new ideas” in Christianity, even for what we may see as entertainment, we are very comfortably sitting in the back seat of our own walks.  This exercise we are all in as we endeavor with this study is to extinguish any notions we have that someone has found a “new” way to Christ and realize that we have what we have always had—Jesus! When Solomon said that “there is nothing new under the sun,” I believe that extends even to the same deceits, as well. 

Take a stroll down the isle of your favorite bookstore in the “Religion” section.  The number of books that encourage current New Age beliefs far in a way outnumber those that speak of Reformed Theology.  Even more than that you will find books that explain the worship or communion with angels and other celestial beings.  These systems will teach that one’s spiritual experiences can be heightened, along with self-awareness, when one seeks encounters and exchanges with these beings.  Now read Chapter Two of Colossians.  Sound familiar?  Humanity, at its core, will naturally seek anything and anyone as long as it’s not God.  Why is that?

The reason is ageless, which ought to be one of the reasons we guard against it.  Man is forever looking for a way where he can be the master of his own destiny.  One way to this end is to deny the deity of the one true God and give someone or something else that place.  Celebrities boast and cajole a listening public to find its “spirit guide” or its “angelic host” so that it can find the path to knowledge and wholeness.  Doctors and political leaders testify that our sin is in taking from nature what it deserves, denying “Mother Earth” her rightful place, all the while denying t ...

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