Front Seat Passengers by Deb Waterbury

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Front Seat Passengers
Series: "Get in the Front Seat!" A Study of Colossians
Dr. Deb Waterbury
Colossians 3:1-4:6


The very word “Christianity” has come to mean so many different things these days.  Ask three people what it means to be a Christian, and chances are, you’re going to get three different answers.  That’s not new either. As I’ve said before, Solomon had it correct in Ecclesiastes when he said that there is nothing new under the sun. There isn’t.  The Colossians had gotten it wrong, or at the very least confused, too, and they were living in a time not too distant from the very days of Christ, Himself!  What Paul stresses to the Colossian church, and therefore to us, as well, is to get it right. We need to start with truth and move out from there.

Unfortunately, that is not the way humanity tends to do things.  Very seldom do men and women begin with a truth and build from there. What is more likely to happen is that these same men and women will begin with what they perceive as good or right or correct, and then build truth from that. The very basic issue with that premise is that all mankind, all of them, begin from a place of sin, and this place is incapable of even knowing what good or right or correct even is. Consequently, truth gets lost as it is built from a shifting and false foundation.

Paul has begun this letter to the Colossians with truth.  He began with establishing who Christ is and who we are in Christ. He started with truth. Then he moved on to how we are to live, or how we are not to live, as the case presents itself. That’s why he begins this part of his letter with the phrase, “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above.”  If we start with the truth of who Jesus is and the truth of who we are in Him, then we can move on to how we are to live in this world, portraying that truth.

However, the false teachers who had infiltrated the Colossian church, much like the false teachers of today, had convinced many that they could find something more outside of Christ and His doctrine.  Once they deviated from truth as their foundation, their lives reflected that deviance.         

As we read passages like the one for this week in Colossians, there are a couple of very important things that should speak to us.  We must always strive for scriptural, doctrinal truth first.  How you feel or what you think cannot be the basis for the way that you live.  Jesus very explicitly laid out for us how we should live, but that is completely and totally dependent on a correct understanding and acceptance of His Truth first.

Let me take a minute to explain.  Some will tell you that being a Christian means that you are “good” or that you “behave& ...

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