Already Free (Part 3) by Christina Patterson

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Already Free (Part 3)
Series: Already Free, A Study on the Book of Galatians
Christina Patterson
Galatians 1:13-24

In this study I want to discuss how we can practically experience freedom from our past—freedom from past hurts, mistakes, and guilt. I want to talk about how nothing in our past can hold us back when faced with the truth of the gospel.  

To start off, I want to ask you a quick question. Are you familiar with the saying, "I ain't always been saved!"? It’s like this humorous, yet subtle way of letting people, “No, don't come for me. Don't mess with me because I ain't always been this good, and if I mess up and revert back to my past you might not be ready.” I'm sure there are certain situations all of us, if we were to experience them under the right conditions, would be reminded of our past and that we ain't always been saved. Because we all have a past. We were all at one point, and maybe still are, on our own path, trying to do our own thing, and not concerned with God's will over ours. That might look like a promiscuous past, a greedy past, a self-righteous past, an angry past, an envious past, or maybe a little-bit-of-everything past. We all have those things in our past that we pray no one remembers and brings up at Sunday dinner. Because you know there is always that one person in your life that loves to bring up your past. 

“Remember when we used to go to the club, and you would be getting all the men?”

“Remember when you used to curse anyone out that looked at you the wrong way? Girl, why was you so angry?”

“Remember when you used to date ol’ dude...what's his name? He was no good, and you gave him the best years of you like... what's his name again?” 

And you just want to be like, “I remember, but I don't want to. Can we not talk about this?” Worse than those people are the ones that bring up your past in an attempt to tear you down. They intentionally want you to feel bad. They want to discredit any progress you may have made in your relationship with God. Those are the type of petty haters that Paul is facing in our study of Galatians today.  

Now, last week we saw as Paul overcame the temptation to be ruled by the opinion of others. We talked about the false teachers that came to Galatia and spoke all kinds of malice against Paul in an attempt to ruin his reputation and advance their false gospel based on works that they had been spreading. And one of the ways they tried to slander Paul and throw some salt in his game, was to remind the Galatians of Paul's sinful past.  

So let's talk about Paul's past and how sinful it was, because we'll see he did give these false teachers a lot of ammunition to work with. And then we'll look at how Paul responds to them bringing up his past. We’ll see how ...

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