Soul Craving – Trust by Lori Hatcher

Soul Craving – Trust
Lori Hatcher
1 Thessalonians 5:17


We face an endless list of potential threats to our children and those we love. Realizing our limited ability to protect them, how should we cope with fear?


“You don’t have to be scared of school,” I overheard a young mother telling her little boy as they left the store. Her toned arms, one embellished with a dainty tattoo, clutched an assortment of new khaki pants and blue polos. School uniforms, I guessed.

“Mrs. Johnson is your teacher, and she is a very good woman,” she said, her voice rising for emphasis. Gazing down into his wide blue eyes, she concluded, “She’s protective, and she’s smart.”

He fiddled with the toy in his hand. She chewed her lip. I wondered who she hoped her speech would convince—the little boy about to enter kindergarten or herself, about to send her baby off to school for the first time.

“I never used to be afraid,” another young mother confided to me as her baby played quietly on the floor at her feet, “but now I worry about everything.”

Sickness. Accidents. Choking. Drowning. SIDS. The list of potential threats is endless, and our ability to protect our children is limited. Our love for them is fierce, and the lengths we will go to protect them are long. Yet we recognize our frailties, and fear hovers at the edges of our days and chases the sleep from our nights.

Well-meaning friends challenge us to trust God, but how? Others tell us to pray, but we wonder if it offers guaranteed protection.

I’ve parented for a quarter of a century, and by no means do I have it figured out, but I speak as one who knows and understands the fear. My besetting sin is worry—I’ll battle it all my life, I suspect. Perhaps worry came as a gift along with the Welcome Home Baby packet filled with samples of shampoo and wipes. Or maybe it has lived in my heart all along and only climbed into the front seat as my husband and I brought our first child home from the hospital.

As a Christian mama walking the path with you, here are two ways to fight worry.

Fight worry by:

- Getting to know God. 

The more you know God, the more you will trust him. The more you trust him, the less fearful you will be. 

“But bad things happen to people who know and love God,” you may say, and you are correct. Bad things do happen to people ...

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